8BTC:Except ENJIN、FLOW, don’t miss the one below in NFT hotspot list

According to DappRadar data, in the past 30 days, the top 12 NFT markets have generated more than US$480 million in transaction volume, and the long-simmering NFT boom was ignited at the beginning of the new year.

In the last week of February, Crossroad, an artwork created by Beeple, was acquired for US$6.6 million; in early March, the NFT collection sold by Ben Mauro at VIV3 sold out within 7 minutes, with a total transaction value of US$2 million; The Associated Press (AP) Cooperating with Everipedia and famous digital artist Marko Stanojevic to create an NFT artwork “A View from Outer Space” to commemorate the first U.S. election reported on the blockchain after gamefi,NFT shines again in the field of art.

Whether it is the old NFT concept ENJIN, or the new work FLOW of the CryptoKitties team etc., the price has been on the fast-rising train, and the cost of getting on the car is increasing day by day.

At this time, we may be able to find other NFT concept projects with low value. Similar to the high gas fee of Ethereum, it also provides opportunities for other public chains including BSC. Such low-lying projects also need to be seized.

Taking the fast-growing BSC as a clue, according to the statistics of the ODaily, BSC has become the industry’s leading blockchain in terms of transaction volume and the number of unique active wallets.

The NFT concepts related to BSC are the first of DEGO and COCOS.

During the New Year, DEGO and COCOS ranked first in BSC in terms of transaction volume, and the two also reached cooperation on chain games, NFT and other directions.

As an “old brand” project of the NFT concept, Cocos-BCX has announced the reduction of the total COCOS (units) for redenomination, embraced the Ethereum ecology, and first embraced the BSC ecology. The project can also maintain a certain climb when BTC falls, and reached a small high during the New Year-1.45 USDT.

Take the Cocos-BCX Chinese New Year Five Fortunes NFT collection event as an example. A total of 9 people collected all five of Five Fortunes NFT and divided 8000 COCOS, and every winner received 888.88 COCOS. Calculated based on the draw date of average daily price equaled 0.52 USDT, which is approximately equal to 462 USDT for outdoor price.If you calculated based on 1.45 USDT at ATH, approximately you would get 1288 USDT, which means you got a free iPhone12Pro.

Expansion of the NFT accumulation of Cocos-BCX since the beginning of the self-establishment project, Cocos-BCX proposed and maintained the BCX-NHAS-1808 non-homogeneous digital asset standard. Last year, relying on this standard, it cooperated with ChinaJoy and provided 1.2 million for ChinaJoyPlus. NFT tickets have made practical efforts for the landing of NFT.

Meanwhile, Cocos-BCX is also set as an example of blockchain games in Tencent Research Institute’s “Industrial Blockchain”. The concepts such as “Blacksmith Shop” proposed by Cocos-BCX can help the game return to its nature.

In Binance101Talk, Cocos-BCX technical contributor Reed shared that Cocos-BCX will continue to create excellent NFT applications, and continue to try to NFTlize valuable off-chain assets to introduce more high-quality NFT assets standards.According to insider’s sharing, Cocos-BCX will soon launch NFT-concept games and Layer2-concept games on BSC.

In response to this wave of NFT boom, Litecoin founder Qiwei Li said that there are many similarities among the NFT in 2021, the 1CO in 2017 and the altcoin in 2013.

Among these similarities, one of them is that “most of them don’t have value”, and Cocos-BCX, which already has a series of value accumulation, may no longer worry about this.

Among the many NFT concept projects where prices had ATH, COCOS, which has just picked up a wave of small climaxes, may not only be a really good choice to get on bus, but also a long-term HODL option.

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