A NFT themed MeetUp in Chengdu will be held by Cocos-BCX,BSC,and Blockbeats

April is a rainy season for the mining industry in Chengdu. For 2021’s April,it is also a “boosting period” for the NFT, and 2021 is a “boosting period” for adherents.

At this celebrating time, the next-generation game digital economy platform Cocos-BCX, Binance Smart Chain BSC, and the industry’s leading media BlockBeats co-hosted the NFT-themed MeetUp-”Who will lead the NFT together with crypto art?”, discussing together with DEGO China, MathWallet, Rocki and other guests on the site for all-field possible NFT .As NFT has repeatedly achieved good results in the field of crypto art, in which fields can it continue to ignite the heat.

In April, flowers are blooming,and telling you the ‘boosting’ spring is here.

The following is the detailed information of the event:

Time: 17:30–20:30 on the evening of April 17th

Location: 1st Floor on in99 Weilai Center, Yintai Center, Chengdu


17:30–18:00 Event sign-in

18:00–18:20 NFT’s way out of the circle-Sleepy ( BlockBeats NFT researcher)

18:20–18:40 NFT ecology and data sharing on BSC-Jeff (Chairman of BSC Asia Pacific Community)

18:40–19:00 Looking at the new development trend of chain games from the Dark Forest — Reed (Cocos-BCX Ecological Technology Contributor)

19:00–19:20 How to use the wallet to seize the opportunity of NFT-Xiao Qingye (manager of MathWallet operation)

19:20–20:30 Roundtable-Moderator Sleepy (Researcher of BlockBeats NFT);

— — Participating guests

Jeff (Chairman of BSC Asia Pacific Community);

Heifeng Li(DEGO China);

Xiao Qing Ye (Operation supervisor of MathWallet);

Celilia (Chairman of Rocki China)

In addition, there is also an opportunity to win a COCOS NFT worth of 20–50 USDT on the site, which can be used for NFT mining or trading.

Following is our event poster,hold long to save,and scan code below to register:

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