[Airdrop]COCOS CJ Friends Club: Cocos-BCX ‘s big future updates including architecture kernel upgrades, the next-generation gaming environment based on chain and cloud rendering

COCOS CJ Friends Club Highlight

  1. The total scale of COCOS global communities exceeds 200,000, and the total scale of domestic communities exceeds 120,000.

2. In addition to CJ NFT tickets, Cocos-BCX looks forward to cooperating with more entities to achieve the landing of NFT scenarios.

3. Cocos-BCX has an enhanced DeFi decentralized trading system.

On August 1, Cocos-BCX held the “Cocos-BCX ChinaJoy Friends Club 2020” in Shanghai, which is after the 2018 China Blockchain Technology and Game Developers Conference Cocos Special Session and the 2019 Global Blockchain Game Ecological Conference , See you again in 2020.

Cocos-BCX global community contributor Alvin, Cocos-BCX technical architect Yoda, DAPPX CEO Minghui Cai, ChainPlay CEO Neo, and Diablo Chain Youshen 2 ‘s producer Xuanfeng Hu all contributed their essential ideas to share. In addition, the surprise guest Cocos- Kevin, the chief technical consultant of BCX, also brought the latest development direction of the Cocos-BCX public chain.

Alvin: The total scale of COCOS global communities exceeds 200,000, and the total scale of domestic communities exceeds 120,000

Cocos-BCX global contributor Alvin brought a summary of Cocos-BCX’s dynamics in the past six months.

Since the official launch of Cocos-BCX MainNet 1.0 version “Kang Rinpoche” on December 12, 2020, COCOS migrated from ERC20 to the MainNet on February 27, 2020, and Binance, Tiger Symbol, Bitpie Wallet on April 2 All wallets completed the Cocos-BCX (COCOS) MainNet switch and opened the MainNet COCOS re-extraction and transaction services; on May 11, the Cocos-BCX MainNet node election vote was officially launched; on May 18, COCOS was launched on the main board of the MXC platform.

After the “Crypto Knights” developed by ChainPlay launched on the Cocos-BCX MainNet on December 27, 2019, another game of ChainPlay, “The Dragon Must Die”, also launched on June 27, 2020. Cocos -BCX. During this period, on June 11, “Monster World” developed by XPET and “Panda Games” developed by GPE on June 15 also completed the landing of the Cocos-BCX MainNet. On July 27th, “Go Block” developed by DappBirds was also officially launched Cocos-BCX……

Through the above and more efforts, Alvin stated that as of July 30, 2020, the total scale of the Cocos-BCX global community has exceeded 200,000, and the total scale of the domestic community has exceeded 120,000. Among them, the number of WeChat groups exceeded 100,000, the number of WeChat community online activities exceeded 70, the number of participants in WeChat online activities exceeded 1 million, and the event reward exceeded 10 million COCOS; Twitter followers exceeded 19,000; and the total scale of Telegram exceeded 46,000. Currently, Cocos-BCX has 12 mature overseas communities, and several national communities are under review.

At the same time, as of July 30, 2020, the Cocos-BCX MainNet block height exceeded 10 million, the account number exceeded 1.2 million, and the total number of transactions exceeded 4 million.

Yoda: In addition to the CJ NFT ticket, Cocos-BCX looks forward to cooperating with more entities to achieve the landing of the NFT scene

Cocos-BCX technical architect Yoda shared the specific NFT landing scenarios of Cocos-BCX at the meeting.

For example, this year’s 18th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy) concurrent online exhibition-the first ChinaJoy Plus,Cocos-BCX provides technical support for implanting blockchain technology in the user system to provide visitors with commemorative and exclusive NFT tickets.

In addition, Cocos-BCX also launched the NFT mall, including Pizza Festival Pizza NFT, Dragon Boat Festival Sticky rice dumpling NFT, Children’s day Lollipop NFT, and synchronized with “Crypto Knights” to generate game linkage, and the game badge NFT was launched.

Yoda said that Cocos-BCX will continue to provide the developer community with more complete and rich game infrastructure and development tools, and look forward to working with more entities to achieve more NFT landing scenarios in the game industry and even more industries.

Kevin: Cocos-BCX will undergo a number of updates including architecture kernel upgrades, next-generation gaming environment based on chain and cloud rendering

As a surprise guest of this old friends meeting, Cocos-BCX chief technical consultant brought the latest development direction of Cocos-BCX public chain

These include not limited to the upgrade and compatibility of the system kernel to a new system, while retaining existing features while improving performance, incorporating multiple new features, compatibility with part of the EOS contract code, and allowing contract codes in different languages ​​to coexist with the current version of Cocos contract codes. Reuse, and apply blockchain, cloud rendering, LAYER-2 and other technologies in games and complex business fields to provide the next generation game environment based on chain and cloud rendering. In addition, it will also be in Cocos-BCX in the future Increase decentralized storage and decentralized acceptance support and continuous improvement of existing system supporting tools…

For more updates on the Cocos-BCX MainNet, Cocos-BCX will be announced gradually in the future.

In addition to the update direction of the Cocos-BCX MainNet, Kevin also shared about the compatibility of the hot DeFi with the Cocos-BCX public chain: Cocos-BCX, as a complete decentralized network with complete transaction functions and product features, is naturally equipped with DeFi With the support of features, and with the support of atomic transaction features, it can realize decentralized transactions of various digital assets including NFTs. It has a relatively complete financial asset coverage capability and can be considered as an enhanced version of the decentralized transaction function of ordinary DeFi.

Mr. Minghui Cai:Cocos-BCX public chain has low costs of learning ,development ,and chain

Me. Minghui Cai brought an introduction to DAPPX and sharing experience of cooperation with Cocos-BCX.

As the CEO of DAPPX,Mr. Minghui Cai introduced that DAPPX is committed to solving the problem of people entering the blockchain world, helping users to complete the discovery-using-sharing process experience of blockchain applications, and also providing developers with R&D-promotion- Operate full-link services for blockchain applications. At present, the DAPPX platform has settled on more than 1,000 blockchain applications, and has been connected to multiple active public chains such as Cocos-BCX, EOS, TRON, IOST, and the number of platform users is close to 300,000.

The wallet developed by DAPPX supports wallet account management, transfer and resources, node voting management, fingerprint/face recognition, application floating window, wallet SDK and other complete functions. Among them, the application floating window function is an industry-wide exclusive function.

DAPPX and Cocos-BCX have completed joint activities for games such as “Crypto Knights”, “XPET Monster World”, and “The Dragon Must Die”.

Through these activities,Mr. Minghui Cai said that Cocos-BCX’s on-chain game features are complete and rich, such as random numbers, contract session mechanisms, timers and heartbeat functions, which are very suitable for game development.

Neo: The chain change of the COCOS version of “Crypto Knights” only took 2 people for 1 week, and the public chain is very friendly to developers

NEO, the founder of ChainPlay, brought a case study of blockchain game development.

As a traditional game player, NEO has participated in the development of many traditional games such as “Dragon Babu”, “Xuanyuan Sword Online”, “Fishing Master 3”, and has developed many DApps and docked with many public chains.

“Crypto Knights” developed by ChainPlay is the world’s first card-prevention strategy game that supports staking mode. It currently supports EOS and Cocos-BCX public chains, and is rated as the best blockchain in the 2019 Golden Tea Awards Top ten games, and won the Golden Finance “2019 DApp Most Innovative Award”.

NEO stated that the effect that Staking Game hopes to achieve is a win-win situation for players, public chains, and game parties. Based on the entry threshold of the staking mechanism and the hidden dangers of fund security, the optimizations made by “Crypto Knights” are:

  1. Give a certain free amount, and you can play without native resources;
  2. The contract layer does fund consistency verification and operation Layer instantly transfers players’ mortgage funds;
  3. Design a non-mortgage system to increase gameplay;
  4. Increase mortgage resource redemption cycle.

“The Dragon Must Die” is a typical traditional mobile game. In the process of chain reform, ChainPlay has added the game’s trading system, mining system, dividend system and promotion system.

When these two games are connected to the Cocos-BCX MainNet, it takes an average of 2 people for 1 week. The Cocos-BCX public chain is very friendly to developers.

Finally, NEO concluded, the advantages of chain games are: players have good user payment habits, chain games are constantly emerging new things and public chains are more supportive, at the same time, the disadvantages of chain games are limited user scale and decentralized public chain ecology , Unclear policy orientation, high development threshold, high operating threshold, etc.

Hu Xuanfeng: If chain games want to develop, they must break through traditional user barriers

Hu Xuanfeng is the producer of “Dark Chain Youshen 1” and “Dark Chain Youshen 2”. Among them, “Dark Chain Youshen 2” opened its public beta on December 1, 2019.

In “Dark Chain You Shen”, players set prices and trade freely. “Dark Chain You Shen” uses economic methods to realize community governance for the first time. Through blockchain technology, it allows users to privatize assets, free transactions, and self-interest, thereby creating a new business model for P2E (Pay to Earn) games. . At the same time, “Dark Chain You Shen” also created and practiced a token model that forms token value through the accumulation of product economic value.

According to Hu Xuanfeng, “Dark Chain Youshen” has won many awards, including but not limited to the best blockchain game at the 2019 Golden Tea Awards, Golden Finance “2019 DApp Most Innovative Award”, and “Dark Chain Youshen 1” is also conscientiously updated There are 23 versions.

With such efforts, “Dark Chain Youshen 1” has an average daily life of 1,000 people, with a retention rate of 75%, and has accumulated 20,000 loyal players. It is already a leader in blockchain games.

“My little traditional game partner told me not to talk about 1,000 daily lives. It is too low, and the second retention rate can still be mentioned.” Mr. Xuanfeng Hu laughed at himself, “These years of chain game development experience makes me understand that I want to make quick profits. Money, don’t do chain games. Chain game users care more about ease of use than technology. They are more concerned about making money. To do chain games, you must be prepared to die.”

Regarding the current situation of chain games, how to continue to develop, Hu Xuanfeng said, “We must find a way to break through traditional user barriers.”

Cocos-BCX is an early game digital economy platform. Its goal is to create a complete multi-platform game operating environment, that is, to provide blockchain game developers with convenience and completeness in the development process, and also for blockchain games The user brings a brand new game experience and goes beyond the previous game form. All assets acquired in the game will belong to the user.

For more project details, please visit the Cocos-BCX project official website:www.cocosbcx.io

COCOS & ChinaJoy Community Event

Go to the official COCOS Twitter account (https://twitter.com/CocosBCX).

Retweet the pinned tweet for a chance to win up to 18,888 $COCOS!

Event Time: 8/6 5:00 AM (UTC) — 8/9 5:00 AM (UTC)

Grand Prize: 18,888 COCOS each for the top 5 people who have the highest number of retweets on the event tweet.

Lucky prize: 100 lucky people will be picked to win 1,888 COCOS each!

How to get it: Retweet and join the COCOS Telegram group (https://t.me/cocosbcxen) to keep up with the prize draw.




A DAO for future Metaverse with decentralization technology and MetaFi. NFT, GameFi, IGO and more. Website: cocosbcx.io

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A DAO for future Metaverse with decentralization technology and MetaFi. NFT, GameFi, IGO and more. Website: cocosbcx.io

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