[AMA Recap]When NFT Meets DeFi: COCOS‘s Rocket Road to the Moon

On the afternoon of August 18, Alvin, the global community contributor of Cocos-BCX, visited ARPA’s official English community to have an AMA with ARPA co-founder & CGO Yemu, and jointly discuss Cocos-BCX’s next plan of combining DeFi and NFT. Here is the recap.

Question 1: Welcome, Alvin, please introduce yourself and introduce Cocos-BCX to the community!


Thank you for the opportunity to be here on this AMA. I’m Alvin from Cocos-BCX and I am CocosBCX’s Global Communities Contributor.

I have seven years of blockchain investment experience, five years of experience in Internet product managers and blockchain product operations globally.

I was the partner of global blockchain project rating platform ONE.TOP, participated in overall planning and operation.

I have worked at Leyi, operating a variety of mobile games, among which Blaze of Battle has more than 4.44 million users and ranks among the top 100 US stores in terms of revenue, with a deep understanding of the game industry.

Project Introduction:

Cocos-BCX, the platform for the next generation of digital game economy. We aim to create an integrated multi-platform runtime environment for games, providing developers with the convenience and completeness in game development, while bringing users a whole new gaming experience, unprecedented gaming status, and with all the assets obtained in the games being wholly owned by the users.

For more project details, please visit the official website of Cocos-BCX: www.cocosbcx.io

Cocos-BCX is a project based on the Cocos game engine. Cocos has developed into one of the world’s Top three game engines. Recently, there is a very successful WeChat mini game “The Strongest Magic Warrior”, developed by Tencent Photon Studio, was also developed through Cocos tools. These are our strong foundation. But in fact, many people in the entire market have left due to the bear market for the past two years. Under this circumstance, we think that the blockchain industry has just started.

Nowadays, what we really need is persistence. When this happens in the market, we can unite together and realize the value of the project. This is our greatest confidence.

Before officially starting, I will introduce some information. For example, in China today, only WeChat mini games, mobile phone manufacturers’ games, and headline casual games are all based on the technology provided by Cocos. The market has exceeded 30 billion.

In addition, ChinaJoy Plus, the world’s most watched digital entertainment exhibition, has just concluded trial play of cloud games, including live broadcast plus cloud games, which are new gameplay and operation methods, which are all technical and operational support given by the Cocos team.

Third, today Huawei is preparing for the AR mixed reality technology standard three to five years from now, and we are the first batch of AR technology standard participants and setters in China.

All of the technologies that we say may be game-related, or game-related product operations, including user habits, hardware platforms, and the application of new technologies, are actually a subtle process. We may not see much change in one year, but after two to three years, it will actually be an explosive growth, so we are very looking forward to it.

In fact, we are now more and more skillful in using the combination of blockchain technology and games. These are where we are full of confidence. But is it game plus blockchain or blockchain plus game? We are now even more integrating game products with blockchain technology, or operating methods. I believe that this year you should see more interesting products one after another.

Intro Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiKc3FG9Auc

Question 2: What is similar to ARPA is that Cocos-BCX is also an international community. Could you please introduce the international community of Cocos-BCX?


As a global community project, Cocos-BCX hopes to be jointly maintained and constructed by global community contributors, supporters and participants to jointly create the next generation of game digital economy platform, making the game public chain ecosystem more robust.

We have always been optimistic about and attach great importance to the development of domestic and overseas market communities, especially overseas communities. Now Cocos-BCX has also achieved good results in this regard.

As of July 30, 2020, the total members of the Cocos-BCX global community has exceeded 200,000, and the total members of the Chinese community has exceeded 120,000. Among them, the number of WeChat groups exceeded 100,000, the number of WeChat community online activities exceeded 70, the number of participants in WeChat online activities exceeded 1 million, and the event reward exceeded 10 million COCOS; Twitter followers exceeded 19,000; and the total members of Telegram exceeded 46,000.

In China, I also need to separately introduce the ecological Buidlers & Angels incentive plan.

On March 24, the [MainNet] COCOS Buidlers & Angels Incentive Optimization 2.0 was officially released, and the list of 48 Buidlers & Angels in three phases was announced.

On June 12, Cocos-BCX distributed a total of 84.4 million COCOS to 28 Buidlers & Angels with effective contribution reports according to their levels.

On August 12, Cocos-BCX distributed a total of 74 million COCOS to 33 Buidlers & Angels with effective contribution reports according to their levels.

As of July 10, we have continued and announced 11 regional communities, including French communities, Spanish communities, Russian communities, Turkish communities, Hindi communities, Indonesian communities, Bengali communities, Vietnamese communities, and Sri Lankan communities. Community, Filipino community and Arabic community. Most of them are created and maintained byCOCOS MainNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels, while regional communities such as Africa and America are still under review.


Before I’m done with this question, I will show you the Cocos-BCX Ecological Map 2.0

Question 3: Cocos-BCX MainNet node election has always been a topic of concern to the community. Could you please tell me how to participate?


On December 19, 2019, when the Cocos-BCX MainNet version 1.0 “Kang Rinpoche” went live, the Cocos-BCX node election policy was officially released.

While the Cocos-BCX MainNet mapping was carried out smoothly, on May 11, the Cocos-BCX MainNet node election vote was officially launched. Eleven active BPs and 11 councils are voted by the community to maintain the Cocos-BCX network and ecological governance, provide computing power, bandwidth and storage support for the main network, participate in the resolution of proposals, parameter configuration and other matters in the chain, and promote Cocos-BCX MainNet ecology develops healthily.

Up to now, the Cocos-BCX MainNetnode policy has been running smoothly for 3 months, and most of the nodes and board members are participated and supported by early Cocos-BCX investment institutions, and some nodes voluntarily give out 70%-80% The block rewards are shared with users who voted for it. Thank you for your support.

I will send you articles related to policies and participation methods. If you have any questions, please join https://t.me/cocosbcxen to contact admin for help, we will solve your questions asap.

Cocos-BCX MainNet Node Election Voting Was Officially Launched


Cocos-BCX MainNet Node Election Voting Guide


Question 4: The block height of Cocos-BCX has always attracted attention. Can Ricard introduce the recent situation of the block height of Cocos-BCX?


On August 14, according to the latest data from the CocosABC blockchain browser (https://www.cocosabc.com), the height of the Cocos-BCX block reached 11,008,584, breaking through 11 million.

In addition, by the way, I would like to introduce the data of Cocos-BCX MainNet:

  • After 35 days, the block height of Cocos-BCX exceeded 2 million;
  • After 520 hours of going online, Cocos-BCX MainNet accounts exceeded 30,000;
  • On March 2nd, the block height of Cocos-BCX reached 4,008,504, breaking through 4 million, of which the daily average number of transactions on the chain reached 8,260;
  • After 3 months, the block height of Cocos-BCX exceeded 5 million;
  • After 233 days, the block height of Cocos-BCX exceeded 10 million;
  • As of July 30, the block height of Cocos-BCX reached 10,389,775, which has reached 10 million+; the main network account number 1,250,699, has reached 1.2 million+; the total number of transactions has reached 4,126,187, which has reached 4 million+;

In the past six months, all aspects of Cocos-BCX ecological data have continued to grow steadily. As more and more DApps are launched, I believe that while the Cocos-BCX game public chain ecology is gradually becoming stronger, it will also bring more possibilities for blockchain games.

Question 5: This year ChinaJoy Plus Cloud Expo, it is said that Cocos-BCX provided NFT support. Could you please tell us in detail how Cocos-BCX helped CJ complete this cloud exhibition?


The ChinaJoy Plus NFT ticket is a non-homogeneous digital asset released and circulated on the Cocos-BCX chain based on the BCX-NHAS-1808 non-homogeneous digital asset standard. NFT tickets and Cocos-BCX’s NFT mall use the same set of technologies. Related technologies can be referenced in the following figure.

Moreover, the entire NFT ticket collection process is relatively simple. The user opens the H5 page of ChinaJoy Plus, logs in and binds, and then obtains an exclusive NFT ticket. By clicking the “details” link on the ticket page, you can query related information on the chain.

ChinaJoy NFT tickets are a commemorative voucher provided by ChinaJoy Plus. In order to allow more users to understand and popularize the value of blockchain, the purpose of providing technical support for NFT tickets is to make the application scenarios of blockchain more approachable and make the district The implementation of blockchain technology is simpler and more efficient.

Question 6: What kind of layout will Cocos-BCX have on exchanges in the future?


On August 21 last year, Cocos-BCX launched Binance for the world’s premiere, and opened multiple trading pairs such as COCOS/USDT and COCOS/BNB. At the same time, more than a dozen exchanges actively launched COCOS, including platforms such as Hufu;

In this year, we have been taking action on exchanges and have successfully launched many exchanges, such as:

On May 18, COCOS was launched on the main board area of ​​the MXC platform, and the COCOS/USDT and COCOS/BTC trading markets were opened. On June 3, COCOS was launched in the “Coin Currency Trading Zone”, and the COCOS/USDT trading pair was opened. And is currently working hard to launch our Gate.io platform.

Based on market requirements, we will continue to add COCOS listings and trading pairs in the future. We are also very careful in this regard. I believe you should be able to see more of our arrangements in this part one after another.

Question 7: DeFi has been very hot recently. What will Cocos-BCX do with DeFi?


In the last few weeks, we have seen the boom in DeFi. The latest data shows that since the beginning of June, the total number of DeFi users has increased by 23%, and Ethereum and Bitcoin, which are worth more than $2 billion, are now locked in DeFi. Since April, the transaction volume of Ethereum-based DeFi DApps has increased by nearly 800%.

Why DeFi is so hot? Is Cocos-BCX also suitable for launching DeFi? We have been researching.

First of all, we all know that the hottest DeFi chain is the ETH chain, followed by EOS. But does it mean that apart from ETH, the Cocos-BCX chain has no chance? We all know that the ETH chain has recently been very stuck and the DeFi transfer fee is extremely high, so the time has come for the advantages of Cocos-BCX, a high-performance public chain.

Secondly, as the YAM contract code error caused a crash a few days ago, it has a natural advantage that smart code such as Cocos-BCX can be written simply and relied on.

Last but not least, as a game public chain, Cocos-BCX naturally has the advantage of combining games and DeFi. After the game Token is issued, the SWAP will be launched. This can form a double closed loop of the game Token economic system and the SWAP economic system, and can provide reliable and dependable liquidity for the Token within the chain game. And if the game Token is on SWAP, then it can be used as a liquidity injection certificate for the game Token to have privileges.

With the above multiple advantages and benefits, Cocos-BCX will inevitably launch DeFi. We are already planning and developing related products, hoping to do something meaningful to investors and the industry.

However, at present, if a chain of DeFi wants to develop, it still needs to vigorously develop the ecology. Only with ecological prosperity and more valuable ecological tokens can there be real DeFi applications, otherwise it is a castle in the sky. Among DeFi lending, decentralized exchanges and stable coin troika, Cocos-BCX will arrange stable coins first, which is the most basic.

Free Questions Part

Question 8: DeFi, as a super outlet in the blockchain + financial field in 2020, in the view of the COCOS team, what is the significance of its existence and the biggest innovation? In response to this wave of DeFi, what are the optimizations of COCOS that you especially want to pass to users?


As a game public chain, Cocos-BCX naturally has the advantage of combining games and DeFi. After the game Token is issued, the SWAP will be launched. This can form a double closed loop of the game Token economic system and the SWAP economic system, and can provide reliable and dependable liquidity for the Token within the chain game. So we can look forward to DeFi+NFT in the future.

Question 9: Is there chance to buy COCOS by KRW? (Korean won) Any plans to list cocos on Upbit or Bithumb?


We may have chance to see COCOS listed on Korean exchange. Stay tuned please.

A DAO for future Metaverse with decentralization technology and MetaFi. NFT, GameFi, IGO and more. Website: cocosbcx.io

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A DAO for future Metaverse with decentralization technology and MetaFi. NFT, GameFi, IGO and more. Website: cocosbcx.io

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