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At 21:00 (Friday) on November 6th, (UTC+8) Amanda, Cocos-BCX Operation Supervisor, appeared in the Cocos-BCX Korean Telegram community to share the live AMA with users in the Korean community. According to the questions collected off-site before the AMA event, 10 high-quality questions were selected for live sharing, and the contents are organized as follows:

Q1.What is the next-generation gaming digital economic platform that Cocos-BCX is aiming for?

Cocos-BCX,fully named as “Cocos BlockChain Expedition”, aims to create an intergrated multi-platform runtime environment for games, that is, to provide blockchain game developers with convenience and completeness in the development process, while bringing a brand new game experience to our blockchain game users and a whole new game forms . All assets obtained in the game will be wholly owned to our users.

Q2.Why did you decide to develop in the game field?

1. The game industry is a continuously growing market of hundreds of billions of dollars.

2. Traditional games have problems such as: game mechanics and data are not transparent, economic systems are disordered, players cannot have ownership of assets, and game assets cannot be transferred across platforms.

3. The Cocos-BCX project provides easy-to-use and more completed blockchain game infrastructure to solve the weak points of the game industry, including a visual development kit and an on-chain ecological environment. Developers do not need to pay any attention to the implementation of blockchain technology ,but still can inspire the development of blockchain games directly in a graphical manner, with a low threshold, and quickly and efficiently way.

Q3.Hello,Please explain in detail the CROSWAP launched in September.

CROSWAP is the first AMM decentralized token exchange platform on Cocos-BCX and the first DeFi application on Cocos-BCX.I hope that CROSWAP can become the DeFi basic suite on Cocos-BCX, providing users with a more convenient method for transactions and users who provide liquidity for the SWAP platform can share the market-making benefits, meanwhile,it also provides developers in the ecosystem with intrinsic value of NFT for development and utilization.In general, our positioning is to open the DeFi+NFT channel for users and developers through the SWAP platform.(If you are interested in Croswap, you can visit link below:


Q4.How will you utilize DApp + DeFi + NFT?

The recent trendy DeFi has swept the entire crypto industry and has quickly become one of the most promising applications in the blockchain world to achieve rapid growth. With the development of DeFi and the evolution of blockchain technology, the consensus model evolution ratio is a very short period.Many of the DeFi public chains use pledges, loans, and then form liquid mining, after that enter the governance currency into decentralized market transactions.

I personally think the core value of the combination of DeFi and NFT is whether to use NFT to generate more assets, especially in the use of DeFi, whether it is mortgage, loan, or pawn, it is very suitable for NFT assets. Cocos-BCX, as a complete decentralized network with complete transaction functions and product features, naturally supports DeFi features, and supports decentralized transactions of various digital assets including NFTs under the support of atomic transaction features.The perfect financial asset coverage capability can be considered as an enhanced version of the decentralized transaction function of ordinary DeFi.

DeFi + NFT in DApp, including joint trading platforms, can form an independent cycle. What is currently lacking is the stable currency system and conversion system, which are all under design.I hope everyone here can pay more attention to our development in this area.

For more any further questions, please follow us on medium (Cocos-BCX) ,Twitter (@CocosBCX) or contact me on Telegram(@AmandagooCocosBCX)

Q5.Recently, there have been many DeFi scams. As far as I know, COCOS-BCX is also operating a DeFi service, what kind of security measures do you have?

Firstly, in order to protect investors and community users, the Cocos-BCX team will not develop any DeFi ecological products.Up to now, we have only invested in the CROSWAP platform; and CROSWAP has passed the code audit;

Secondly, the products and teams of the Cocos-BCX DeFi ecosystem are all Cocos-BCX ecological Builders&Angels, everyone is very clear about it;

In addition, we have always emphasized in the community that any investment has risks, and we call on everyone to participate carefully.

Q6.Why are you listed on the hoo exchange among the many exchanges that have recently been listed on the hoo exchange?

In August 2019, COCOS made its global debut on Binance, and more than ten exchanges took the initiative to go online with us.Expanding the MainNet COCOS is what we have been working really hard to do on more influential and in-depth exchanges, and the same here for Hoo.

Q7.In addition to its own public chain ecosystem, will Cocos-BCX have an integration with ERC 20-based mainstream ecosystem?

The current mainstream of DeFi is Ethereum-based. I wonder how you are planning to introduce users to CROSWAP released by Cocos-BCX from the most widely used platform.

As we can see,the ETH ecosystem is very active. For Cocos-BCX ,how to integrate itself in the mainstream of NFT and DeFi ecosystem in addition to its own public chain ecosystem, this the point where our team has already been under discussion.

Q8.I found that COCOS — BCX has Builders&Angels Incentive plan, please explain the details and compensation for us.

The Cocos-BCX Ecological Builders&Angels Incentive Plan has taken nearly one and half years since the implementation of the testnet, from the implementation of the 210 million COCOS ecological node incentive plan on the testnet on June 21, 2019 (For reference please visit following website: https://link.medium.com/PzEAMhA0abb )to the implementation of the MainNet’s 210 million COCOS ecological Builders&Angels Incentive plan 1.0 on December 30th,2019(For reference please visit following website: https://link.medium.com/hbagOwH0abb )further to the implementation of the MainNet’s 345 million COCOS ecological Builders&Angels incentive optimization 2.0 on March 24th,2020(For reference please visit following website: https://link.medium.com/afnzHxM0abb)

From the testnet to the MainNet, Cocos-BCX is constantly optimizing the ecological Builders&Angels incentive plan, aiming to make every participant participating in the Cocos-BCX ecological construction and get appropriate incentives while contributing to Cocos-BCX, meanwhile,also attract more optimized teams and individuals to join our big family.

In our close future, we will release the Cocos-BCX MainNet Ecological Builders&Angels Incentive Program 3.0, increase the level of rewards, expand the types of ecological Builders&Angels, shorten the contribution incentive cycle, and increase efforts to find builders and contributors willing to join the Cocos-BCX ecosystem from around the world , We work together to build Cocos-BCX fabulous.

Q9.Recently, interest in crypto market has been growing again in China and the United States. In the case of Korea, people’s interest is much lower than before. What is the final goal that Cocos-Bcx team wants to get in the Korea market, and do you have any plan to be listed on the Korean exchange?

Cocos-BCX attaches great importance to the global market, especially the overseas market, which has also been one of our priorities in the past six months.Recently, we have also set out to lay out the Korean market at the same time, hoping that with the help of our ecological Builders&Angels, more people will understand and willing to join the Cocos-BCX ecosystem.

Next, we will also consider listing on the Korea exchanges,and welcome everyone here to get involved and help us.

Q10.Do you have any plans for the 4th quarter of 2020 and any quarterly plans that will be greatly prepared for 2021?

Ecological Builders&Angels Plan: The MainNet ecological Builders&Angels will be an important part of the Cocos-BCX ecosystem, and we will fully operate it to give full play to the value of all parties.Meanwhile,we’d like to see more Builders&Angels to join our big family.As we are going to announce our Ecological Builders&Angels Incentive Plan 3.0, you can visit following website to join us:


MainNet node election policy: Users who hold COCOS can pay more attention to understanding in advance and participate in the ecological construction of Cocos-BCX as much as possible.( Please visit following website for voting :https://vote.cocosbcx.net/, this method requires Cocospay plug-in wallet)

Attracting and listing more MainNet DApps: Attracting and listing more interesting and diverse DApps to improve the entire Cocos-BCX ecosystem.At the same time, qualified Builders&Angels are very welcome to join, and we will give corresponding support policies. If you are interested, you can pm Alvin.

Expanding the circulation of COCOS in the global market: In August 2019, COCOS was launched on Binance globally, and more than ten exchanges took the initiative to go online. Next, we will continue to expand the MainNet COCOS on more influential and in-depth exchanges. You are also welcome to recommend more if you have the resources, and jointly contribute to the COCOS market circulation.

Ecological service product iteration and innovation: We will continue to iterate the above products as mentioned and put more ecological service products on the shelves to lower the threshold for developers and users.

Ecological development of communities in China and Oversea: Cocos-BCX will continue to strengthen the construction of community ecology in China and Oversea, hope to attract more active community users and supporters. Our Ecological Builders&Angels currently have four overseas institutions to join, of course, we welcome the participation of high-quality and willing to cooperate to jointly build the Cocos-BCX ecosystem.

Meanwhile,during the live AMA, there were many award-winning activities such as quizzes and wonderful review of AMA content, and the community users were very active.In the near future, the Cocos-BCX team will conduct more live AMA sharing and airdrop activities in the Telegram community.Welcome everyone to join our Big COCOS Family.


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