Amanda invites whitelist users to get “Five Fortunes NFT” and “Bull Bull NFT” in Blind Boxes

From January 22nd, 2021, 12:00 PM to January 28th, 5:59AM (UTC), we opened 50,000 whitelists for a limited time, and gave priority to community users who have been following Cocos-BCX to join the whitelist.Becoming a whitelisted user can get an opportunity to open a blind NFT box, participate in sharing of COCOS, collect Five Fortunes NFT, Bull Bull NFT, and NFT mining.

So far, 140,680 people have participated. Thank you for your support of this event.

At 6:00 AM on January 28th, 2021, (UTC),whitelisted users will get an opportunity to obtain a Five Fortunes NFT or Bull Bull NFT by opening the blind box.Not only COCOS is casted in the NFT and this NFT can be used for subsequent mining pools after, but also Five Fortunes series NFT can be mined and can be synthesized a certain amount of COCOS in red envelopes type.

I.How to open blind boxes to obtain NFT for whitelisted users

1) Enter COCOS World [] and click [Connect Wallet].

The linked wallet address must be the BSC address you submitted when you became a whitelisted user, and you need to switch to the BSC network.

Specific operation tutorials, the following two are available:

How to use Math Wallet to link BSC address (

How to use MetaMask to link the BSC address ( )

2)After successfully linking the wallet, click the [Blind Box] module.

3)Open any Blind Box, random selection of a special Five Fortunes NFT or a Bull Bull NFT will be there for you.

Five Fortunes NFT:Collet following Five Fortunes (Fortune of Harmony, Fortune of Patriotism, Fortune of Dedication, Fortune of Kindness, Fortune of Prosperity) and share 8000 COCOS bonus pool prize.

Bull Bull NFT: Listing from L1-L6 Lucky Bull Bull Series NFT (Bull Year Of Great Fortune,Bull Year Of Full Wishes,Bull Year Of New Chances,Bull Year Of Sharp Motivations,Bull Year Of Great Prosperity,Bull Year of Successful Coin),above NFTs value from 1–100 COCOS,so higher the level is,the bigger your NFT value is, and the more subsequent mining output.

4) The value of above selected NFT

  • NFT can participate in mining, and Cocos-BCX officials will put in 50,000USDT equivalent COCOS as mining gold for mining;
  • Five Fortunes NFT Five Fortunes NFT users can use the Treasureland platform to trade or freely trade between users to collect the “Fortune of Harmony, Fortune of Patriotism, Fortune of Dedication, Fortune of Kindness, Fortune of Prosperity” Five Fortunes NFT. At 12:00 PM on February 7th, 2021,(UTC), users who collect all of the Five Fortunes will be able to participate in the sharing of the huge Five Fortunes prize pool, which will also be the largest prize pool so far.
  • NFT can be traded on platforms such as Treasureland;
  • NFT can be decomposed into COCOS;
  • NFT will migrate as COCOS cross-chains and will enjoy benefits on all chains;
  • NFT will be able to pledge to obtain full platform income.

5) Get more NFT

You can follow our official social media and community information, and participate in the official NFT airdrop activities to get more NFTs.

Cocos-BCX launches the promoter program, you can make money for BNB and COCOS with your friends!

In addition, in order to better promote the ecological development and expand the influence of Cocos-BCX, we are now launching the promoter program for all users at 6 AM on January 25th,2021 (UTC). We hope that everyone can participate actively, and make contributions to our beloved Cocos-BCX community.

Users can obtain their own exclusive invitation code by their purchase. The initial price is 1 BNB. For every 100 invitation codes sold, the price will increase by 1 BNB. For example, the 1st-100th invitation code is 1 BNB, and the 101st invitation code is 2 BNB. , And so on; the user who enters and logs in to the wallet through the invitation code link will be permanently bound, and can get 7% of all the income of the inviting user on the COCOS platform, and get 3% of the user’s income of inviting new users.

II.Follow steps below to become a promoter

1) Enter [COCOS World] and click [Connect Wallet]

2) Enter the user name

3) Copy the invitation link to share, and click the [Withdraw Now] button to withdraw.

For specific operations, you can click on the article to view

Cocos-BCX launched a promoter plan, invite friends to come and get BNB and COCOS together

If you have any questions for contents above, you can follow and subscribe Cocos-BCX official platforms and consult admins in group.We will always update efficiently.






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