[Announcement] Cocos-BCX MainNet Was Upgraded to V1.1.3

On April 26, 2020, the Cocos-BCX MainNet was upgraded to V1.1.3.

Here are the updates:

1. Enriched the chain‘s underlying RPC interface and command-line wallet to facilitate users and developers to obtain block details through the block ID;

2.Enhanced the contract interface function, supported GAS mortgage within the contract;

3. Separated GAS fee and COCOS reward claim, and users can apply for it separately through the command line wallet;

4. Optimized the help information of the command-line wallet’s transfer command;

5. Enriched and optimized the vital support of the chain bottom layer development, supported to add genesis file extension field, templated the creation and development of plugins, and the cross-platform compilation and development of Ubuntu / CentOS / MacOSX.

Upgrade procedure:

node and wallet




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