【Announcement:】Cocos-BCX on the reduction of COCOS total

Dear users:

In order to adapt to the current market ecology and seek better development in the future, the COCOS total reduction proposal initiated by the Cocos-BCX Council on November 24th,2020 has been voted on.The total number of COCOS will be reduced from 100 billion to 100 million.

Based on this change, the Cocos-BCX Council has completed communication with various exchanges, wallets, DApps and other ecological Builders&Angels, and it is expected that the COCOS total reduction proposal will be completed no later than December 14th, 2020.

The solution adopted for this total reduction is that by adjusting the chain system’s control of the core asset’s accuracy data, the final expression value can be reduced without affecting the chain core asset data value, that is, without changing the existing core assets. In the numerical field, add 3 to the precision field value of the core asset, so that the decimal point of the final expression value (decimal) of the core asset is shifted to the left by 3, and the total amount of COCOS is reduced from 100 billion to 100 million.


Originally held 30000.00000 COCOS under the name of account A, the record method of this account in the chain database is: {amount:3000000000, precision:5}; when the system adjusts the precision, adjust the global precision field corresponding to COCOS to 8. The asset data record held by account A becomes: {amount:3000000000, precision:8}, and the final expression value of the asset becomes 30.00000000 COCOS.


1. ERC-20 COCOS will use changing contract for contract reduction. The details will be implemented by the Cocos-BCX Council.

2. Before the plan is implemented, the Cocos-BCX Council will notify you of the precautions separately.Thank you for your support and understanding.If it causes any inconvenience to you, please excuse us.

Cocos-BCX Council

November 25th,2020

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