[Announcement] Cocos-BCX TestNet Upgrade

On January 3, 2020, the Cocos-BCX TestNet updated the following parts:

1. The income distribution of unselected candidates has been changed from equal sharing to distribution according to voting weight

2. Call the contract ID in contract to be called

3.Contract private area size limitation

Specific Code : https://github.com/Cocos-BCX/cocos-mainnet

Upgraded programs: nodes and wallets

The upgraded part will be upgraded to the MainNet after the TestNet runs steadily for one week, please follow the official channel news.

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Note: The Cocos-BCX TestNet and the MainNet use different storage spaces, and the two networks will always exist independently of each other.

Because the working principles of the mainnet and the testnet are basically the same, when developing DApps or deploying smart contracts, develop and deploy on the testnet first, modify and improve before deploying to the mainnet, which can reduce unnecessary token consumption.

At the same time, first published on the test network, you can test the performance and security of the blockchain. You can find problems and make improvements. After the test network runs smoothly, the main network will be upgraded, which is conducive to the healthy operation of the main network.

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