【Announcement】COCOS NFT Mining Countdown,Stay tuned for New Prize Pool

At 13:30 on February 8th,2021, (UTC),Cocos-BCX launched one-month COCOS NFT mining activity. By using COCOS NFT mining, users can participate and share the 50,000USDT equivalent COCOS prize pool officially created by Cocos-BCX! Every level of COCOS NFT has different computing power(Hash Power),the higher the computing power is, the higher the mining efficiency is!

At 13:30 on March 10th,2021, (UTC) the first time period of COCOS NFT mining will officially end. For users who participated in COCOS NFT mining, you can enter the mining page and click [Extract All]. Except for the COCOS produced, all pledged NFTs will be redeemed.

The new COCOS NFT mining pool is under preparation, and more new NFT mining gameplays will be launched in the near future, please stay tuned! If you have any questions, welcome to contact our official English Telegram community for information.

Bananatok: https://0.plus/#/CocosBCX (no VPN required)

Telegram (EN): https://t.me/cocosbcxen



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