Announcement of New Operation Supervisor will help Cocos-BCX to expand global development

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From 20:30–21:30 on the evening of November 4th,2020,(UTC+8)the【Series NO. 4】AMA was conducted in the Cocos-BCX official Chinese wechat community and introduced Ms. Mystery from Cocos-BCX team. In order to facilitate everyone to review the wonderful content, the sharing is recorded as follows:


Hello everyone, good evening, and welcome everyone to participate in the Cocos-BCX [Series NO. 4] AMA community live sharing, I’m the host Coke.

The long-term development of the project is inseparable from the participation of the community.The community not only belongs to the Co-founders, but also belongs to every maintainer and contributor.Cocos-BCX has been around for nearly two years,and the one who has been with us for the longest time is everyone in this group.For this, we want to express our sincere appreciation!

First of all,briefly introduce the agenda of this meeting. This meeting is divided into three parts:

The first session: Alvin, our contributor to the COCOS global community,made a speech and announced that Amanda has officially served as Cocos-BCX Operation Supervisor;

The second part: Coke will AMA with Amanda;

The third part: Amanda will summarize the past three Cocos-BCX MainNet ecosystem Builders&Angels incentive plans, and collect opinions on the coming Cocos-BCX MainNet ecological Builders&Angels incentive plan.

First of all, we will proceed to the first part. We will have Alvin, a contributor to the COCOS global community, to speak.


Hi everyone, this is Alvin.As we all know, The reason why I have become a contributor to the Cocos-BCX global community has to back up to the COCOS private placement of 800 eth that I voted.Generally speaking,my faith has brought me to meet everyone.Three years have passed in a blink of an eye,and COCOS has developed very fast.Watching a seed growing into a towering tree, the group ranges from 0 to 500, the group number ranges from 0 to 50, the price differs and the ecological Builders&Angels range from 0 to 100.I am deeply moved.Cocos-BCX has grown from a baby to a mature project. Today I am very happy to introduce to the community an important member of Cocos-BCX-Amanda, the new Supervisor of Cocos-BCX operations

She graduated from the University of Toronto MBA over-all ranked №1 in Canada and ranked 18 in the world comprehensive ranking. She has more than 8 years of technology entrepreneurship and investment experience. She has co-founded China’s leading social network company.As an investor, she used to work for an official Canadian private equity fund, leading and participating in a number of investment projects with a reasonable amount of money.Deeply participate in several blockchain projects.She is proficient in English and Spanish ,also has very good understanding of Chinese.It also has a large number of overseas resources with excellent localization.

Amanda is a very reliable and experienced overseas colleague.She has a very reliable Cocos-BCX operation team in North America and has been operating with other departments for a long time.She will become our Cocos-BCX operations supervisor to promote the globalization of COCOS and brings more fresh gameplay.


First of all, congratulations to Amanda as our new Cocos-BCX operations supervisor.Just now, Alvin, our contributor to the COCOS global community, has given a brief introduction to Amanda, so I will ask a few questions to Amanda on behalf of the community so that everyone can learn more.

Q1:What attracted you to join the Cocos-BCX team?


Thank you Coke for your question.Far ago, I realized this world is gonna change.Not like the old fashion way,money is no more on the table,but in your digital wallet.Under that,blockchain games will be one of the amazing proof for human natural existence.For holding this mind,I was luckily to get introduced by Alvin in the field for Cocos-BCX and aiming together to create a successful next generation digital economic game engine with our COCOS family.

Q2:How long have you been with Cocos-BCX and how did you feel during this time?


This is a good question.I have been with COCOS for almost one year,as most people could know me here from our big telegram community.I really appreciate that the whole family has been backing me up so long.Also it is quite a pleasure for me to know so many new friends. Meanwhile,our team has very professional and their strong interactive skills made me feel reliable.

Q3:What wil you be responsible after joining Cocos-BCX?


I would be mainly take care of COCOS communities.Of course,if there is anything from the team to be assigned to me, I would be more than happy to accomplish.

Q4:What do you think of the current overseas status of Cocos-BCX?


It’s a very pleasant question.Currently we have two main official communities for English and Chinese;over ten oversea communities,for Turkey,SriLanka,India,France,Filipino,Arabic,Banglades,Bharat,Korea,Russia and one content community, most of these groups has more than 1000 group memembers on average.I am very pleased that each group is working really hard to cooperate with us and helped us a lot.By seeing our expanding oversea market and groups members,I do consider what we need to do right now is to make more oversea users to get involved in Cocos-BCX and to know this project better,also inquire more technologies from oversea to lead our market.

Q5:How do you plan to use your advantages and expand Cocos-BCX’s overseas influence?


I would be more than happy to have more communities from different countries to join our big COCOS family, meanwhile,making COCOS more world-wide known is a must.Also introducing to more oversea users to the project and getting more instructions to follow COCOS projects.Leading the whole team more oversea background,and optimize the best balance of the team and the market.Attracting more advanced technologies to COCOS,so we could have better games to play.


Amanda, could you please summarize your opinions on past three Cocos-BCX MainNet Ecological Builders&Angels incentive plans?


Sure thing.We had a really big success for last three phases of Cocos-BCX MainNet ecological Builders&Angels incentive plans, new communities from different countries are joining our big COCOS community little by little to expand COCOS global market.Our ecological Builders&Angels are also quickly-improving and working really hard under each phase. We all ,representing Cocos-BCX, like to show our appreciation to our ecological Builders&Angels for your effort.Moving forward,we need to collect more opinions for our new-coming ecological Builders&Angels incentive plan,please everyone ,tell us your ideas, and let’s make COCOS fabulous together.My sharing is done.Thank you so much for your time today.

If you have any questions, please inquire the TG admin (@alannahgoo).

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