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Various Ecological Products of Cocos-BCX Help Fight Wuhan Coronavirus!

As Wuhan coronavirus worsens, it becomes a matter of global concern! When will the epidemic in Wuhan be relieved? How are ordinary people, doctors and nurses in Wuhan right now? Those are the questions dominating the social media, those are what people care about!

A party in trouble, assistance comes from! Facing the disaster, Cocos-BCX strives to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. We strives to use global resources, actively seeks formal suppliers, and donates more than 1,000 goggles to Hubei in the first batch.

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The good new is Cocos-BCX’s first batch of donated materials have been delivered to 7 county-level hospitals in Hubei Province. The second batch of donated materials is also under preparation. It is estimated that 50,000 medical surgical masks will be purchased from worldwide.

Cocos-Terminal has Launched Epidemic Live Reporting and Collection Functions

Besides, as Cocos-BCX ecological product, Cocos-Terminal has contributed to the fight against the Wuhan coronavirus, and has launched epidemic live reporting and collection functions:

  1. Integrate and summarize telemedicine services and online doctor information. Provide multiple domestic users online consultation function, telephone consultation, medical consultation and service channels such as online help and psychological counseling;

2. Integrate real-time epidemic information, update domestic authoritative epidemic alerts in real time, and help users to master epidemic trends and rationally arrange their daily life.

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White Matrix has Published a Multilingual Epidemic Data Summary GitHub

In addition, as the Cocos-BCX buidler and strategic partner, White Matrix has contributed their own strengths by publishing a multilingual epidemic data summary GitHub. They hope that remote consultation and online medical treatment can help people in Wuhan quickly connect medical resources and effectively avoid cross infection.

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At the same time, Cocos-BCX hopes that everyone can work together to summarize epidemic information and spread to other people. We also welcome all partners and communities to join in, providing financial donations, material donations, and other actions that can help fight Wuhan coronavirus. Additionally, we will announce the behavior of providing help on Cocos-BCX official channels and provide relevant certified documents.

Any questions, feel free to contact Alvin. (Telegram ID: Alvintheone)

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