Best Cocos-BCX Blockchain Game, “Crypto Knights” landed on Binance Smart Chain BSC testnet

At the beginning of 2021, Cocos-BCX announced its new year Roadmap, also the total circling supply of COCOS was reduced from 100 billion to 100 million, meanwhile,Cocos-BCX embraced the Ethereum ecology to gradually start the age of empire.For considering the gas fee and users’ operating experience, Cocos-BCX firstly reached cooperation with BSC, DEGO, Math Wallet etc.,also rolled out the blockchain game ecology on BSC, finally launched a bounty product which integrates perfectly of NFT and DeFi-COCOS COW.

At the same time, “Crypto Knights”, which was one of the most active blockchain games in the Cocos-BCX ecosystem, was also intensively migrating. Now “Crypto Knights” is officially launched on the Binance Smart Chain BSC testnet, we would like to invite every user to participate in this game test.

Tutorial for “Crypto Knights” game test as follow:

Since the “Crypto Knights” is currently on the Binance Smart Chain BSC testnet, it is necessary to set up the Binance Smart Chain BSC testnet in the Metamask wallet first.

For First-time Users

Please download MetaMask:

Create Account and login(remember to write down your private keys )

For MetaMask Users & First-time Users completed steps above

Follow these steps:

Click My Account-Settings-Networks-Add Network

Enter Network details as below:

ChainID: 97

Currency Symbol: BNB


Block Explorer:

In addition, the testnet wallet requires a certain amount of testnet BNB as a gas fee.You can go to the Binance faucet to get it.

Instructions are as follows:

  • Enter test BNB faucet

  • Copy the personal Metamask wallet address
  • Choose test BNB quantity to receive under “Give me BNB”

Besides above, click “Sign” button to finish connection.Also in the process of experiencing “Crypto Knights”, buying props and unlocking more functions need to consume Tokens. You can contact admin Coke (TG ID: Cocos_Cola) to get it.

After all steps above are completed, we can start the game testing journey.

Still familiar game scene to everyone,have you missed our “Crypto Knights”?

After entering the “Crypto Knights”, pick your the name and select your Hero, there will be a series of novice guides to teach new players how to operate,very smooth interaction with cute UI and character design. According to the introduction, “Crypto Knights” has a total of 19 scenes, and each scene contains 5 instances.The 24/7 idling mode enables players to gain non-stop desirable rewards with auto-updated system.

The development team of “Crypto Knights” stated that the game uses a heroic chaos method, including two core systems: Battle and Mine. There are currently more than 200 hero characters.It is worth noting that “Crypto Knights” uses the Token pledge model to give NFT asset value. Its inbuilt rich resources and hero trading system can meet the requirements of different players.

One of the main assets of “Crypto Knights” is the hero. In “Crypto Knights”, after a player picks a hero, they need to pledge activation with Token (such as EOS, COCOS) so that the hero can go to battle. Players can also get the heroes Coin CKT in “Crypto Knights” while staking the token. CKT can be used for the circulation transaction of many scenes in the game (Call heroes, Gas fees, Mine props, etc.).

The Token pledged by the player can be redeemed. The redemption operation requires the player to decompose the acquired hero. After the redemption, the Token will be credited to the account within 24 hours.

In addition to staking, players can also obtain CKT through Altar, Mission and other channels.

In addition, if the hero is purchased by the player through a transaction, the player can directly put the hero into battle.The price of the hero purchased by the transaction includes the pledge fee, and no secondary pledge is required.

Compared with current blockchain games in the market, “Crypto Knights” is still a relatively sophisticated one. For example, the heroes of “Crypto Knights” have 5 attributes besides awakening and equipment settings, Strength, First Strike, Defense,Dodge,King, the attribute effect is described in the figure below.

In addition to hero attributes, heroes have 4 major types(direct damage, spell-caster, healer and others):

In short, Crypto Knights is a chain game that integrates collection, placement, trading, staking, mining…, from Cocos-BCX to Binance Smart Chain BSC, aiming to bring you a multi-chain high playability.Welcome everyone to join our test!



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