Binance 101 Talk: Cocos-BCX will pay more attention to creativity and community consensus

Recently, Cocos-BCX has joined BSC Farmers Festival , and opened NFT initial mining project.

Meanwhile,Cocos-BCX participated in the BSC game-specified AMA. Cocos-BCX technical contributor Reed shared why Cocos-BCX chose to embrace the Ethereum ecology and BSC ecology, as well as some sharings on NFT, DeFi, and chain games etc.

After three years of stable accumulation, Cocos-BCX has now formed a complete blockchain game ecosystem, including but not limited to high-performance MainNet; smart contracts for games; cooperating and supporting subjects including chain games, media, and tools; proposing and maintaining the non-homogeneous digital asset standard BCX-NHAS-1808 (COCOS-1808).

In the dynamic measurement of the chain game ecology, Cocos-BCX 2021 Chinese New Year Plan has pointed to embrace the Ethereum ecology and give priority to the BSC ecology of the active side chain of Ethereum.

Reed shared that the trend of the industry now lies in DeFi and NFT, as well as GameFi, which combines the two.The industry has also begun to realize that the value of NFT doesn’t lie in scarcity but in its structural description. This is in line with Cocos-BCX. In the maintained COCOS-1808 non-homogeneous digital asset standard, the right to use and ownership of NFT assets can be separated and other settings coincide.

“For example, we can rely on NFT to reconstruct the underlying protocols of DeFi, such as AAVE. For example, the LP in CroSwap in the Cocos-BCX ecosystem can be synthesized and decomposed, so that LP assets will have stronger description and scalability, based on this, DeFi and NFT will also have more imagination and roles of gameplay, which is a direction worth exploring.”

However, the current blockchain industry lacks good application scenarios, so that NFT lacks asset targets that are conducive to circulation. Taking games as an example, NFT transformation of traditional games involves too many interest entanglements, and the industry lacks native NFT games. This is something that the industry needs to achieve, and it is also one of the directions that Cocos-BCX is exploring, and the prosperity of Ethereum and BSC ecology can solve this problem in a certain aspect.

Reed said that Cocos-BCX will continue to create excellent NFT applications and try to make more valuable off-chain assets NFT lized,in order to introduce more high-quality NFT asset targets. For example, in 2020, Cocos-BCX provided ChinaJoy with 1.2 million NFT tickets.

Also, recently Cocos-BCX launched Five Fortunes NFT, NFT blind box etc. activities on BSC for celebration of Chinese New Year.Meanwhile, Cocos-BCX has also reached a cooperation with DEGO. Cocos-BCX Chinese New Year’s NFT blind box and Five Fortunes NFT can be traded on the Treasureland NFT mall.

For users ,who collected all five Cocos-BCX Five Fortunes NFTs, also won 888.88 COCOS for opening the bonus pool.Calculated based on COCOS’ average daily price of 0.52 USDT on February 7th, it is roughly around 462 USDT, which is about 3,000 RMB for winners.

At the end of the speech, Reed said, after years of development, the blockchain industry has had a lot of precipitation, and it is time to reward the cultivators. For products in 2021, if they want to be valuable, they need to work harder on product ideas and community consensus.

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