【Binance AMA】2019 Year-End Review and 2020 Outlook of Cocos-BCX

On Jan. 21, Cocos-BCX had a successful AMA hosted by Binance, where our co-founder CHEN Haozhi answered many great questions from the community. Over 1800 people participated in the AMA. In case you missed this great event, we have wrapped up some excellent Q&As for the community to check out.

Below is a recap of what happened during the AMA (Translated version)

Question 1

Host: Hello, Haozhi, welcome to Binance Official Chinese Group. As the co-founder of the team, please give a brief introduction to Cocos-BCX.

CHEN Haozhi:

Hi everyone, this is CHEN Haozhi, the co-founder of Cocos-BCX.

Cocos-BCX is a next-generation game digital economy platform. The goal of our platform is to create a complete multi-platform game environment, to provide blockchain game developers with convenience and perfection during the development process. At the same time, it also brings to blockchain game users a new game experience and game forms beyond the past. All assets obtained in the game will belong to the users.

In 2018, Binance Labs, OK Blockchain Capital, NEO Global Capital, and 500 Startups and other institutions led a $ 40 million investment. For more project details, please visit the Cocos-BCX official website

Here is Cocos-BCX introduce video

Question 2

Host: Could you please summarize and share the development of the COCOS team in 2019?

CHEN Haozhi:

Cocos-BCX completed three major events in 2019:

June 6: Cocos-BCX announced the official launch of the TestNet “Gang Rinpoche”, published an incentive plan,tatally 1 million $, released the Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels of the TestNet phase, started the ecosystem incentive platform Bounty, and released technology Document 2.0 and opened source SDK, wallet, explorer, DEMO games, etc.

August 20: Cocos-BCX (COCOS) were initial public offered and listed in Binance.

December 12: Cocos-BCX MainNet “Gang Rinpoche” was launched.Cocos-BCX team announced the MainNet Node policy and MainNet Buidlers & Angels policy.

For more details Cocos-BCX 2019 Chronicles

Cocos-BCX’s Achievements in Other Areas:

  • Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels

On June 21, Cocos-BCX announced the implementation details of 210 million COCOS TestNet Ecosystem Incentive Plans. As of December 10, a total of 84 elected Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels in five periods were announced, and three periods of Ecosystem Monthly Rankings were released. With the contributions of the Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels, Cocos-BCX has achieved good results in games, tools, communities, and content. Thank you very much for your recognition and contributions.

  • New Strategic Partners in 2019

From July 31 to October 29, Cocos-BCX officially announced that it has reached strategic cooperation with 11 programs including Bitpie Wallet, DappReview, Infinito, HashQuark, Cobo Wallet, White Matrix, Slow Mist, Taxa, Certik, Celer Network, Math Wallet.

Here is the overview of Cocos-BCX ecosystem

  • Cocos-BCX Global Development in 2019

In 2019, Cocos-BCX actively organized and participated in global events to expand global markets and communities.

For example, a private sharing session during the US Consensus Conference; a Blockchain Games Next conference in San Francisco co-hosted with TRON and BlockchainGamer.biz; a trip to Vietnam; a game Oasis Hackathon Contest jointly organized by Binance Labs, Celer Network, Contentos, and Matic Network in China , Korea, India and the United States.

Cocos-BCX also actively participated in various global-scale events, such as being invited to attend the third blockchain game industry event in London, and talking about the future of the blockchain industry with EOS Block.One, etc .Japanese representatives and Microsoft Japan were invited to SQEX company for a seminar in the company; Frederick LIM, the head of the Korean company, participated in the Korean Blockchain Game Conference; attended the Digital Economy Solutions 2019 developer event hosted by ONT in Netherlands, and participated in the 3rd Belarus Crypto Games Conference and Attend E3 and Web3 events.

Question 3

Host: What plans does the team have in 2020, focusing on technology, operations or something else?

CHEN Haozhi:

On December 12, the Cocos-BCX MainNet was successfully launched. After two months of smooth operation (February 2020), the MainNet token mapping will begin on a large scale. While the MainNet mapping is going, the MainNet Node Election Policy and the Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels policy were simultaneously released to attract more global contributors to join.

After the MainNet token mapping, the MainNet COCOS will circulate throughout the ecosystem, so it will attract and list more interesting and various types of DApps throughout the year 2020, improving the Cocos-BCX ecosystem.

In 2019, we launched MainNet mobile wallets and plug-in wallets, explorer

, forums, wikis, development documents, Bounty, development assistants, and ChianIDE. In 2020, we will continue to iterate the above products and add more ecosystem service products to reduce the barriers for developers and users.

In 2020, we believe that NFT will be the most important development highlight on the path of combining blockchain technology with games and digital content assetization. Therefore, we will focus on promoting the application of NFT heterogeneous assets on Cocos-BCX in 2020. In China, we have already started cooperation with some ticket agencies. Globally, we also hope to reach cooperation with large-scale Internet platforms. Through the joint NFT exchange, game development CP, and our own technology, it is possible to make in-game item assets, ticket tokenization, and even asset chaining.

In 2020, Cocos-BCX will continue to explore the global market, conduct offline meetups around the world, attract more developers and community contributors from around the world to join, and fully expand the Cocos engine’s worldwide influence and promote Cocos-BCX ecosystem for lasting and healthy development.

In August 2019, Cocos-BCX (COCOS) was initial public offered and listed in Binance. . At the same time, more than ten exchanges had actively listed COCOS. In 2020, we will continue to accelerate the launch of the MainNet COCOS on more influential and in-depth exchanges.

Question 4

Host: I heard you have an exclusive news for us today, what is it?

CHEN Haozhi:

The Cocos-BCX MainNet was launched on December 12, 2019. It is expected that large-scale mapping and node programs will be launched in the first half of 2020.

Host: Thank you very much for your sharing. See you next time, good bye.

CHEN Haozhi: You‘re welcome. Thank you for having me. See you, good bye.

Off-site Questions

1. Can you tell us more about Cocos-BCX’s TestNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels policy and MainNet Node policy?

Haozhi: We have now started the node application and construction work of the MainNet. The Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels of the TestNet in the past can now also be regarded as Ecosystem Nodes, contributing a large number of Dapp games and main chain related tools such as node viewing tools, Explorers, wallets, etc. for the testing of Cocos-BCX. Therefore, we hope that after the main chain officially completes the mapping, through the participation of nodes and Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels, the DApp and tools of the main chain will have a more robust supply and construction mechanism. This mechanism is not only a daily benefit, but also a long-term node rewards and rewards for ecosystem contributions.

2. At present, the blockchain industry seems to be lacking in explosive blockchain games that allow users to continue playing and become loyal users. Is the Cocos-BCX team planning to make a Dapp?

Haozhi: In the past 2 months, the hottest Dapp game we have seen in Dapp Review is called “Crypto Knights”. The performance of EOS data is very impressive. That was actually developed by our Builders, and it was developed for Cocos-BCX customization. Before Cocos-BCX mapping is over, we did user authentication on EOS. However, if you look at the content, gameplay, and sophistication of the game, there is still a gap between Cryptography Knights and most games on mobile phones today. Here we explain the development trend of future blockchain technology and emerging game content as understood by Cocos-BCX: Today, the development of blockchain games is still based on HTML5 technology, which is not a technology that can support immersive experiences and advanced game content . We are committed to combining game content, the underlying technology of the game, and blockchain-based NFT, such as our BCX-NHAS-1808 Standard with applications.

3. Now users of blockchain games are generally players in the currency circle, so how can COCOS attract the majority of traditional gamers to play blockchain games?

Haozhi: What is lacking in the market today is explosive games, not game users. “Let‘s Monsters” by Tencent, it is said that there were more than 50 million active users at the time. Developers are behind the explosive games, and Cocos-BCX has deployed a lot for developers. From the development language lua to the multi-chain contract submission tool IDE, to the investment data analysis platform DAppReview, and we are currently promoting the BCX-NHAS-1808 standard to achieve a unified prop generation standard. This also includes our open source blockchain game code on Github, providing developers with code, contract development examples, and more.

In the future, the Cocos game engine Creator development tool will support one-click submission to different public chains after blockchain game development. This also includes our own main chain, which can make the game operating environment more convenient and operable.

At the same time, we also have a large number of Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels to pave the way and help through content and community promotion, which is a very powerful force.

And we also have plans to support and even invest in some excellent ecosystem projects, which will also include projects for the introduction and promotion of DAPP users. So I believe that the efforts and planning we have been doing can lower the user threshold and attract users from outside the circle to become our game users.

4. You mentioned earlier that NFT is an important development highlight of the combination of blockchain technology and games. We know that NHAS-1808 has now become the most recognized non-homogeneous digital asset standard in the blockchain industry. So what obstacles will it encounter in the future? How to promote the development of NFT?

Haozhi: Cocos-BCX has signed cooperation with many projects on the BCX-NHAS-1808 standard, such as EOS, ETH, TRON, Ontology, Zilliqa and NEO have all supported this standard.

The Cocos-BCX team has always embraced blockchain practitioners and entrepreneurs with an open and friendly attitude, and actively reached cooperation with various teams to jointly promote the healthy development of blockchain games and the blockchain industry, so no obstacles have been encountered so far.

As I said before, we believe that in 2020, NFT will be the most important development highlight for blockchain technology combined with game and digital content assetization, so we will focus on promoting NFT non-homogeneous assets on Cocos-BCX in 2020. In China, we have started with some ticket agencies. Globally, we also hope to reach cooperation with large-scale Internet platforms. Through the joint NFT exchange, game development CP, and our own technology, it is possible to make in-game item assets, ticket tokenization, and even asset chaining possible.

5. We all know that Cocos engine is a very powerful development engine. But Cocos-BCX is different. It is a blockchain engine. So is it as easy for developers to develop blockchain games as before?


1. The Cocos-BCX MainNet has fully supported SDKs including JS, Android, iOS, C ++, Unity, Python, and Golang. Such rich development language support makes Cocos-BCX help developers to develop blockchain games more conveniently.

2. Cocos-BCX provides an IDE and interface so that developers can easily submit compliant contracts.

3. The Cocos-BCX team is ready to provide developers with comprehensive support from technology to the market with years of game development experience.

4. We also have a strong ecosystem, including 84 well-known ecosystem partners in the industry, providing full support for Cocos-BCX and related products in terms of technology and operations.

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