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Coco Lesson|COCOS MainNet Mapping Q&A

On February 27, COCOS officially mapped from ERC20 tokens to Cocos-BCX MainNet tokens, and released related mapping operation guide on multiple official channels.

When performing mapping, some users don’t know how to do. So we summarize this Q&A, hoping to help everyone successfully complete the COCOS MainNet mapping.

Q1. Why is the MainNet mapping required?

Cocos-BCX uses ERC20 Token based on the Ethereum platform before the MainNet was launched. Such tokens do not have the ability to operate and mine independently. They are equivalent to temporary tokens on other underlying blockchains and do not have real economic value.

After the MainNet was launched, it has its own independent blockchain network, which is recognized and used by developers and users as an independent individual. The project’s token is no longer developed based on the Ethereum standard protocol, but Cocos-BCX chain has own token.

Q2. Who need to perform COCOS MainNet mapping?

All users who previously held COCOS ERC20 tokens (wallet address starting with “0x”) need to perform mapping.

At present, users who want to experience Cocos-BCX MainNet games and applications, and prepare for Cocos-BCX MainNet block nodes, need to operate through the officially released mapping scheme. Other users can decide whether to map according to their own needs. If the users do not have the above requirements and store COCOS in the exchange, they can directly map when the exchange supports mapping. During the mapping, transactions will not be suspended.

Q3. When does the mapping end?

On February 27, the COCOS MainNet mapping has officially started, and we will. reserve ample time for the mapping to ensure that every holder can complete the corresponding mapping during the transition period. In the future, when COCOS closes the mapping, we will announce in advance on major platforms, communities and official channels.

Q4. How to perform the mapping?

All ERC20 COCOS holders can use the official and third-party tools to map the currently circulating ERC20 COCOS to the MainNet COCOS and use it in COCOS ecological products.

In addition, if your position exceeds 100 million COCOS, please contact Alvin (Telegram Username:@Alvintheone ) for one-to-one assistance mapping. (14:00 to 20:00 daily)

Detailed operation guide:

Q5. Does Biyong support mapping?

Currently, Biyong does not support COCOS MainNet mapping. It is recommended that you operate through the mapping guide published on the official channel.

Q6. What is the main purpose of COCOS?

The MainNet COCOS will be fully applicable to Cocos-BCX ecological products. Here are the details:

(1) Value exchange medium in platform ecology

(2) Delegated consensus equity share representative of the Cocos-BCX public chain

(3) Measurement of platform community participation and contribution.

COCOS is generated from the platform’s consensus work contribution rewards (such as block production) and the developer’s output of assets, and is transmitted to users through in-game currency and props, and asset circulation platforms. Users and developers also exchange COCOS through the platform’s digital asset circulation facilities.

Q7. Does COCOS stored in Binance need to be mapped?

Regarding the mapping of the MainNet and the launch of the MainNet COCOS trading pair, we are already in deep docking with Binance. The specific mapping time will be notified separately, please stay tuned to the Binance announcement.

ERC20 COCOS you store on platforms such as Binance can choose official and third-party tool to perform mapping; you can also choose not to map for the time being, continue to store and trade on the exchange, and wait for the platform to arrange for operations later.

Q8. Do COCOS on other exchanges need to be mapped? How to map?

For the listed COCOS exchanges, according to the progress of both parties, they will cooperate with the Token mapping and the MainNet COCOS trading pair. In addition, the technical documents required for exchange access have been published on the official website, and exchanges can dock themselves.

If the platform on which your ERC20 COCOS is stored is not currently supported, you can choose the official and third-party tool mapping yourself; you can also choose not to map for the time being, continue to store and trade on the exchange, and wait for the platform to arrange the operation later.

Q9. Can ERC20 COCOS on the exchange be transferred to the official designated address for mapping?

Please do not directly transfer the ERC20 COCOS deposited on the exchange to the official designated address of Cocos-BCX mapping!

Q10. How to map COCOS stored in Imtoken wallet?

he operation procedure of Imtoken is the same as that of the mobile terminal Bitpie wallet. Detailed operation guide.

Q11. Bitpie Wallet did not find Cocos-BCX official mapping DApp entry.

Firstly, the Bitpie wallet needs to download the latest version with the “PRO” subscript

Secondly, click “Find” in the bottom part of the bar, enter in the search box and go to the mapping DApp


Q12. Can the TP wallet support mapping operations?

It supports. Operation process: Click on the homepage “Discover”, enter Cocos-BCX official mapping DApp in the search box.


Q13. Where will the MainNet COCOS be returned after mapping?

Currently through the official mapping tutorial operation, after the mapping, the MainNet COCOS will return to the MainNet account you filled in during the mapping process.

Q14. Where can the MainNet COCOS be traded?

For the listed COCOS exchanges, according to the progress of both parties, they will cooperate with the Token mapping and the MainNet COCOS trading pair. The specific exchange mapping time will be announced separately, please stay tuned to the platform announcement.

In addition, development documents that exchanges docking needs have already launched on official website(, exchanges can dock by themselves.

Q15. Is Bounty withdrawal still in the Ethereum wallet?

Currently, the Bounty withdrawal address is the ETH wallet address. We will set it up to fill the MainNet address in the near future. The specific time will be subject to the official channel announcement.

Q16. Can I use CocosWallet for the MainNet account?

The COCOS MainNet account can be registered in a variety of ways, currently supporting CocosWallet, Cocos-Terminal, Cocospay, and Bitpie wallets.

View the specific operation of COCOS MainNet creation: Cocos-BCX MainNet account creation guidelines

Q17. Where can I find my personal MainNet account?

COCOS MainNet account can currently be registered through CocosWallet, Cocos-Terminal, Cocospay and Bitpie Wallet. If you are already registered, you can check through these channels.

Q18. Is the MainNet address a CocosWallet account?

The COCOS MainNet address is the COCOS MainNet account, and the COCOS MainNet account is also a login account registered through CocosWallet, Cocos-Terminal, Cocospay, and Bitpie Wallet.

If you have any other questions about the MainNet COCOS mapping, please enter Cocos-BCX official group. and contact the admin. for help or send an email ( for consultation.

【Attention! 】

Cocos-BCX official designated mapping address:


Please make sure to confirm multiple times when transferring!

Cocos-BCX official mapping DApp address:

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