COCOS Auction: Single NFT Hero was sold up to 109.719 BNB. The total bid exceeds 730 BNB

On April 23rd, the Next-Gen Digital Game Economy Cocos-BCX furthered the cooperation with DEGO Finance. 8 NFT heroes were auctioned on Treasureland on April 23rd and April 24th respectively (4 heroes each day). After rounds of bids in the final hour, the single NFT are sold up to 106.719 BNB. The total price of 8 heroes exceeds 730 BNB (nearly $400,000).

Hero NFT owners are qualified to be Team Captains in the coming NFT Mining on April 28th. Captains will earn more by creating teams.

Dividend rules of the COCOS NFT mining:

  • Mining efficiency is calculated by the user’s staked power. The higher the staked power, the more dividend will be.
  • If the staking duration is less than one week (168 hours), 10% of the claimed income will be deducted into the dividend pool.
  • The captain of each team enjoys 20% of the team’s total dividend (only users who hold the hero NFT can build a team). NFT heroes are: Evil hero, Element Hero, Chaos Hero, Dark Hero, Mask Hero, Fate hero, Ashing Hero, Icy Hero.
  • Hero NFTs can be used to create dividend pools (teams) only. They can’t be used for mining.
  • When the captain leaves the team (withdrawing the Hero NFT who created the team), the captain’s hero NFT will no longer generate dividend.
  • After the captain quits the team, the team won’t be eligible for the next round of dividends.

This COCOS NFT mining is the continuation of the Five-fortune NFT collection, blind box, NFT airdrop, and mining events in the preface of the cooperation between Cocos-BCX and DEGO since the New Year.

Please be noted that NFTs above Lv1 obtained from the previous events are eligible to join the mining event.

The event furthers Cocos -BCX’s development in NFT gameplay. Since the launch of the new project, Cocos-BCX proposed and supports non-fungible digital assets standards — BCX-NHAS-1808(COCOS-1808). Thanks to that, Cocos-BCX makes it possible to transfer digital assets between the two games of “Game Dev Tycoon” and CocosShooting;

Based on the standard BCX-NHAS-1808, Cocos-BCX provided 1.2 million NFT tickets for ChinaJoyPlus (a world-renowned digital entertainment exhibition).

According to Reed, COCOS-BCX Ecological Technology Contributor, Cocos — BCX Layer2 programs are under development. In the future, Cocos-BCX will build a Layer-2 ecosystem based on games.



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