Cocos-BCX 2020 Year-end Awards | Proudly Won PANews Annual Most Dynamic Public Chain Award

Recently, the next-generation game digital economy platform Cocos-BCX participated in the PARTY Award 2020,together with PANews Annual Data Ceremony hosted by PANews, and proudly won the annual most dynamic Public Chain Award.

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PARTY in PARTY Award 2020 means “PANews’ Retrospect of The Year” with their initials. At the end of 2020, PANews will be together with a number of well-known data institutions to launch the annual influence selection. The list is based on data, reviews on public chains, exchanges, DeFi,four major fields of mining and influential figures.

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Cocos-BCX participated in the annual public chain selection and proudly won the award.

Cocos-BCX, the next-generation game digital economy platform, has been committed to building a basic platform for blockchain games from the beginning of the project, lowering the barriers to entry for blockchain games, and improving the relationship among developers, channels, operators, and players. It is the proponent and main maintainer of the BCX-NHAS-1808 (COCOS-1808) non-homogeneous digital asset standard.

This summer, Cocos-BCX provided ChinaJoyPlus with 1.2 million NFT tickets. The NFT tickets are based on the BCX-NHAS-1808 non-homogeneous digital asset standard proposed and mainly maintained by Cocos-BCX, which effectively brings to the industry and users practical solution to the problem.

Meanwhile, Cocos-BCX helped NFT to improve the description of “structure”, and promote NFT using structure to describe something -LP in CroSwap in Cocos-BCX ecosystem can be synthesized or decomposed to give LP stronger descriptiveness and scalability, DeFi and NFT will also have more imagination and roles of gameplay based on this.

In the coming 2021, Cocos-BCX will also make new explorations based on industry changes, stabilize the basic system while continuing to expand.

Thank you again for being with us all along.

About Cocos-BCX

Next-Gen Digital Game Economy. Game engine, IDE and blockchain for decentralized game development. Website:

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