Cocos-BCX 2021 First Open AMA,1000 Whitelist positions+COCOS tokens are waiting for you

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At 12:30–13:30 PM on February 8th,2021(UTC),【Series №7】AMA community live show will be held in Cocos-BCX official Chinese group,this is our 2021 first AMA annual sharing in Cocos-BCX official Chinese group, Cocos-BCX operation supervisor Amanda will talk about Cocos-BCX 2021 annual plan、COCOS Token reduction plan、Bounty、Blind box NFT whitelist、new online referral plan 、five fortunes NFT and mining etc.Everyone is more than welcome to join us!

During this AMA,We have brought airdrops to everyone on Cocos-BCX Official Telegram and Twitter!

From 3:00 AM on February 8th,2021- 10:00 AM February 10th,2021(UTC), first 400 users forwarded the event poster to a non-Cocos-BCX official telegram group with more than 2,000 people, scanned the code to enter the group and message [AMA] to obtain and fill in registration form to get the Cocos World whitelist position directly ,a whitelist position can open blind boxes for free to obtain a NFT; In addition, random 200people will be selected to get 10 COCOS each.

From 7:00 AM on February 8th,2021- 18:00 PM on February 9th(UTC),subcribe to Cocos-BCX official Twitter(@CocosBCX) and Retweet pinned post on Twitter+@ two friends;Ask Amanda a question in comment area:leave all questions and doubts about Cocos-BCX ;random 3 people who are qualified on first condition will be selected to get 10 COCOS each,random 7 people who are qualified on second condition will be selected to get 7 COCOS each,random 200 people will be selected for one whitelist position each.


1.One BSC address can only get one whitelist position opportunity. If the BSC address you submitted has already participated in the Cocos-BCX whitelist activity, please change to a new BSC address to participate in the activity;

2. Activity rewards will be distributed in around two weeks;

3. If you have any questions, please consult the admin Coke(@cocos_cola) in Chinese telegram group;

4. Cocos-BCX reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.

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