Cocos-BCX 2021 Roadmap| COCOS Assets Navigate to Ethereum, Gradually Open the Age of Empires

A brand new start for the year of 2021 is coming.

Established in 2017,Cocos-BCX has been stabilizely developed for three years ,here is what we have planned for the coming year, details as below:

According to related content, it is mainly involved in the three directions of Community, Token, and MainNet.


Among them, the “COCOS Community Dense Earths Plan” launched in October 2020, in which Cocos-BCX would like to build on the existing foundation, and put further strength on internationalization of Cocos-BCX’s community.

The picture below shows our overseas communities of Cocos-BCX:


In the direction of Token, the total COCOS tokens amount will be reduced from 100 billion to 100 million.

Cocos-BCX Council has completed communication with various exchanges, wallets, DApps and other ecological Builders&Angels.

The solution adopted for this total reduction plan is that by adjusting the chain system’s control of the core asset accuracy data, the final expression value can be reduced without affecting the chain core asset data value, that is, without changing the existing core assets.In the numerical field, add 3 to the precision field value of the core asset, so that the decimal point of the final expression value (decimal) of the core asset is shifted to the left by 3, and the total amount of COCOS is reduced from 100 billion to 100 million.



When the accuracy of COCOS better matches the needs of current ecosystem development, Cocos-BCX will gradually transfer the corresponding assets to Ethereum, embrace the most active community of the blockchain game ecology, and participate in the construction and development of the blockchain game ecology in a more suitable way at the moment .

Considering the gas fee and users’ experience, Cocos-BCX will first cooperate with BSC, to roll out the chain game ecology on BSC, and launch products that integrate with NFT and DeFi. Meanwhile, Cocos-BCX will also announce cooperation with some “surprise projects”.


When COCOS assets land on Ethereum with the help of the COCOS-1808 non-homogeneous digital asset standard, Cocos-BCX will launch the “COCOS Voyage” plan to further expand the COCOS ecological boundary on Ethereum.


Just like the adventure game we are used to, when the base construction is successful and the navigational boundary expands, a civilization will be gradually born. At that time, Cocos-BCX will enter the “COCOS Civilization” plan.


When the ecology is perfect and the civilization is strong, like an “empire”, Cocos-BCX will also have more funds and energy to invest in the construction of the blockchain game ecosystem, and even rely on the team’s accumulation in the traditional game field to further promote the blockchain and integration of traditional games and new technologies.

Similar to what Cocos-BCX once stated:

“If the blockchain and cloud games are combined, we can see a world: 1 million people live in the same virtual scene, and the ownership of each item is exact, which will make that world more solid and ‘Reality’ felt.The exactness of props is an important prerequisite for large-scale games not to collapse and economic activity to flourish.In this way, blockchain will be integrated into the future game world.”

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