Cocos-BCX and Math Wallet have reached cooperation on Collecting Five Fortunes NFT,Opening Blindboxes

Recently, the next-generation game digital economy platform Cocos-BCX and Math Wallet have reached cooperation on collecting Chinese Spring Festival Five Fortunes NFT, opening blind box etc. activities. Users can find Cocos-BCX in the new product area at the bottom of the Math Wallet DApp,and then you can participate in the activity~

Following is the activity procedures:

Click the 【Blind box】Button to open and obtain random one of Five Fortunes NFT or Bull Bull NFT.

Among this,Five Fortunes NFT includes Fortune of Harmony, Fortune of Patriotism, Fortune of Dedication, Fortune of Kindness, Fortune of Prosperity.

All Five Fortunes NFTS are Lv1. After collecting ALL Five Fortune NFTs, you can share the Five Fortune Prize Pool of 8000 COCOS

Bull Bull NFT includes Bull Year Of Great Fortune,Bull Year Of Full Wishes,Bull Year Of New Chances,Bull Year Of Sharp Motivations,Bull Year Of Great Prosperity,Bull Year of Successful Coin, which are Lv1~Lv6 NFTs.

The nominal value of COCOS varies from 1–100. The higher the grade is , the larger the nominal value of COCOS is. And more COCOS can be produced in subsequent mining activities.

Math Wallet is a multi-platform cross-chain wallet. Its products include wallets App,web wallets, browser plug-in wallets, hardware wallets, etc., and support more than 60 public chains such as BTC, TH, Polkadot, Filecoin, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, etc. It also supports decentralized cross-chain transactions, builds a multi-chain DApp ecosystem, and participates in the node ecology of multiple POS public chains. Investors in Math Wallet include Fenbushi Capital, Alameda Research, Binance Labs, FundamentalLabs, Multicoin Capital, NGC Ventures and other famous blockchain investment institutions.

Cocos-BCX is the next-generation game digital economy platform. After three years of accumulation, Cocos-BCX has now formed a complete blockchain game ecosystem, including but not limited to high-performance MainNet; smart contracts for games; cooperating and supporting subjects including chain games, media, and tools; proposing and maintaining the non-homogeneous digital asset standard BCX-NHAS-1808 (COCOS-1808).

This cooperation with Math Wallet will form the basis of Cocos-BCX’s Spring Festival activities, and Cocos-BCX will also launch more activities, we all appreciate you pay more attention.

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