Cocos-BCX and DEGO have reached a cooperation agreement on the NFT transaction in the Treasureland Mall

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Recently, the next-generation gaming digital economy platform Cocos-BCX and LEGO in the DeFi world-DEGO have reached a cooperation, and the Cocos-BCX New Year NFT blind box and Five Fortunes NFT are launched on the Treasureland NFT mall.

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In the New Year’s plan announced by Cocos-BCX, Cocos-BCX shared the three directions of community, token, and MainNet, including further development on the internationalization of Cocos-BCX community and reduction plan of total COCOS from 100 billion to 100 million coins, transfer the COCOS ecosystem to Ethereum, etc., and will cooperate with a series of activities.

The launch of COCOS NFT in the Treasureland NFT mall this time is one of the Cocos-BCX Chinese Spring Festival activities. Cocos-BCX and Binance Smart Chain BSC have reached a cooperation on blockchain games, NFT and DeFi, etc. The two parties jointly launched the New Year NFT airdrop.,open NFT blind box, and promoter plan activities.

As for the NFT obtained by users, Cocos-BCX has reached a cooperation with DEGO, and players can trade in the Treasureland NFT mall.

The following is how to obtain COCOS NFT and some activities:

1. Chinese New Year NFT airdrop

On January 22nd,Cocos-BCX officially announced the opening of the New Year’s NFT airdrop event around 8:30 pm. (UTC+8)Before the product goes live, Cocos-BCX opened 50,000 whitelists positions, and gave priority to community users who have been following Cocos-BCX to join the whitelist fist.

1) Time for open NFT blind box, collect Five Fortunes NFT, mining activity:

  • Become a [whitelist user] time: January 22nd,2021 12:00-January 28th,5:59 (UTC)
  • Collect [Five Fortunes NFT] Time: January 28th, 2021 6:00-February 7th,2021 11:59 (UTC)
  • [Bull Bull NFT] Time: January 28th, 2021 at 6:00,(UTC +8), specific notification will be made later for deadline

2) Rules to become a whitelist user for open NFT blind box, collect Five Fortunes NFT, mining activity :

Search for the robot “cocos_bcx_robot” in Telegram, and follow the robot’s instructions to complete the following steps to enter the whitelist.

  • Follow @CocosBCX official Twitter;
  • Repost @CocosBCX official pinned event Twitter;
  • Enter the official English Telegram group of Cocos-BCX;
  • Subscribe to the Cocos-BCX News channel;
  • Register the BSC address (BSC address creation tutorial:;
  • Get a personal sharing link (share the personal invitation link, the top 10 addresses with the most invitations will get an LV6 NFT).

3) Descriptions for open NFT blind box, collect five fortunes, and mining activity:

  • NFT blind box is expected to open on January 28th,2021;
  • At present, in the entire blind box airdrop, NFT types are divided into [Five Fortune NFT] and [Bull Bull NFT]. Users can become a whitelisted user in advance by completing the above tasks and get an opportunity to open the blind box;
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Open blind box to get one of [Five Fortunes NFT] or [Bull Bull NFT]. COCOS is casted in the NFT and subsequent mining can be carried out, or the bonus pool can be divided by collecting the Five Fortunes.

After Five Fortunes NFT are collected, they will be eligible to share the bonus pool. After the bonus pool is divided, the Five Fortunes NFT will be consumed up;

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【Bull Bull NFT 】levels are gradually increased from LV1 to LV6;

【Five Fortunes NFT】levels are all LV1;

A BSC address corresponds to a whitelist, and a whitelist can only get one opportunity to open the blind box NFT;

(NFT is in unit)

4) NFT rights description:

  • NFT can participate in mining, and Cocos-BCX officials will put in 50,000 equivalent COCOS as mining gold for mining;
  • NFT can participate in the Five Fortunes NFT event to share the prize pool, which will be the largest prize pool;
  • NFT can be traded on platforms such as Treasureland;
  • NFT can be decomposed into COCOS;
  • NFT will migrate as COCOS cross-chains and will enjoy benefits on all chains;
  • NFT will be able to pledge to obtain full platform income.

2. Promoter plan

Users can click on the promoter on the CocosWorld page ( to enter the promoter page. The following are the specific rules:

1) Users can get their own exclusive invitation code through purchase. The initial price is 1 BNB. For every 100 invitation codes sold, the price will be increased by 1 BNB. For example, the 1–100th invitation code is 1 BNB, and the 101st invitation code is 2 BNB, and so on;

2) The user who enters through the invitation code link and logs in to the wallet will be permanently bound, and get 7% of the total income of the invited user on the COCOS platform, and 3% of the user’s income from inviting new users.

For example, if A invites user B and user B invites user C, user A receives 7% of user B’s income and 3% of user C’s income.

More activities and plans are also being launched simultaneously, and we hope to live up to your expectations in 2021.

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