Cocos-BCX Announced the List of the First Batch of Thirty-eight Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels in the MainNet Stage

On March 26, Cocos-BCX announced the first batch of thirty-eight MainNet ecosystem Buidlers & Angels list.

The full list is as follows:

DappReview, White Matrix, CocosABC, COCOS Terminal, COBO, Bitpie Wallet, SlowMist Zone, TOKEN PLANETS, Chainplay, DappOS,, CardMaker, IMCOCOS, Cocos Block, Gyro Finance, HICOCOS, CocosX, DAppChaser, BitFlower COCOS, FansCOCOS, GBAC, BitMoreFUN, HelloPool, COCOS Weibo Influencer Coalition, Asia Blockchain Accelerator, SP Expansion Machine, Cryptoblarabi, COCOS Angel Community, AiWen Community, SSSnodes Super Nodes, PANDA Community, TokenHODL, Hongmeng Capital Community, Interstellar Community, Small Target Communities, DAPPX, COOC-BCX Sri Lanka and

This year, the first round of ecosystem Buidlers & Angels incentive plan optimization 2.0 of 345 million COCOS was officially launched on March 24, to build the ecosystem of Cocos-BCX MainNet jointly.

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