Cocos-BCX Bi-Weekly Technical Report (11.04~11.18)

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Below is the latest Cocos-BCX Bi-Weekly Technical Progress from Nov 4th to Nov 18th.

1. Cocos-BCX SDK




  • Upgraded the block subscription API;
  • Adjusted the Node SDK;
  • Optimized the Npm package initialization speed;
  • Optimized the governance-related APIs;


  • Updated the charge model and added the COCOS mortgage interface.
  • Added the interface to vote for committee members and witnesses.
  • Completed integrating the new voting;
  • Integrated the updated chain system;
  • Added the method of transferring hex private key to COCOS private key;
  • Output the newly added transaction in UTXO format;
  • Created an account in the private key format of the newly added bip44’s hierarchical path.

2. Cocos-BCX DApp



  • Added fund status display;
  • Synchronized the optimized updates in Terminal 1.0;
  • Cleared the contract output when clearing the console;
  • Optimized the running status of the overview;
  • Started gas mortgage operation;
  • Display the menu when the user is not logged in;
  • Fixed the UI problem caused by contract interface and overlong contract form.

In Progress

  • Integrating the updated chain system;
  • UI optimization.

2)iOS/Android Wallet Updates

  • Integrated the updated chain system;
  • Added the voting and gas mortgage module;

3)Integrated the New Chain System Updates

  • Android SDK;
  • iOS SDK;
  • JS SDK;
  • js in SDK link bcx.min;
  • npm package bcx.min;
  • Python SDK;
  • CocosPay;
  • Dice;
  • Unity SDK;
  • Cocos Shooting;
  • Snake;
  • Tyche;
  • Cocos browser.

3. Cocos-BCX Systems

1)Voting System


  • Results of votes shown for the mobile version, and integration of the redeem operation.

In progress

  • Integrating the Cocos-BCX Browser System.

2)Cocos-BCX Gas Rental System

  • Support query of COCOS mortgaged to other users;
  • Provide mortgage redemption of gas to oneself or others;
  • Support query of the gas balance;
  • Support query and claim of the redeemed gas.

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