Cocos-BCX Bi-Weekly Technical Report (8.19~9.01)

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Below is the latest Cocos-BCX Bi-Weekly Technical Progress from Aug 19th to Sep 1st

1. Testnet Optimization


a. Optimized task-type proposals’ assertions to the determination of task start time;

b. Optimized the parallel signal interaction of contract virtual machines.

2. Contract IDE


a. Optimized the English content;

b. Optimized the console style;

c. Optimized the recognition analysis of command line;

d. Fixed the focus problem of cursor;

e. Solve the merge conflict between menu and Cli;

f. Added the error notification for API;

g. Added new functions and the command line to query function call mode;

h.Added help command and keyword intelligent matching function;

i. Added control components, completing the design of basic logic and complementing the sample interface.

3. SDK Optimization

3.1 Android/iOS SDK


a. Added orders buying function;

b. Added orders selling function;

c. Added the function to query the commissioned buying orders;

d. Added the function to query the commissioned selling orders;

f. Added cancel commissioned orders function.

3.2 JS-SDK


a. Updated the operation of asset issuance;

b. Updated the operation of voting;

c. Proceeded the asset update, bonus rewards, and other operations;

d. Updated the interface of asset limit;

e. Proceeded the interface of asset repurchase and proposal creation.

4. Cocos-BCX Website

4.1 Bounty System (


a. Optimized the notification content;

b. Doubled the bonus pool rewards and optimized the calculation rules;

c.Upgraded the anti-cheating system and continuously blocked the cheaters‘ account;

d. Distributed the withdrawal token in Bounty;

e. Added Bounty Bug Task in the Home page.

In Progress

a. Adding Twitter follow task.

4.2 Forum Contribution Reward System (

a. Distributed the rewards to contributors who submitted their wallet address before August 13th. The submission after that would be processed in the next cycle.

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