Cocos-BCX Bi-Weekly Technical Report (9.16~9.30)

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Below is the latest Cocos-BCX Bi-Weekly Technical Progress from Sep 16th to Sep 30th.

1. Contract IDE


a. Added CLI unlock Account commend and linked global unlocked state.

2. Cocos-BCX SDK


a. Optimized the setting of marketing transaction fee;

b. Added the list of new voter accounts;

c. Optimized the market limit orders, OP transaction direction of matchmaking orders and the description parse logic;

d. Optimized the correspondence of account records parse and OP serial number, and added the parse of the English account records;

e. Updated the technical documentation.

3. Cocos-BCX DApp

3.1 CocosPay

a. Published CocosPay 1.0.9 Version;

b. Debugged the language setting;

c. Added French support;

d. Added the Firefox Plug-in.

3.2 CocosWallet(iOS/Android)

a. Added the display of Crypto Tanks, Token Planets and IMCOCOS in the discovery page.

3.3 Cocos-Terminal

a. Added and updated the analysis of customers’ asset price ratios;

b. Optimized the overview of the chain system operation.

4.Cocos-BCX Official Website

4.1 Bounty TASK (Third-Party Tasks Suggestion)


a. Cocospay(Firefox Plugin);

In Progress

a. SDK(Unity);

b. SDK(go).

4.2 Official Website

a. Added the logo, link, and introduction of Token Planets and IMCOCOS in Chinese Ecosystem column;

b. Added the 2nd Builders & Angels List and the introduction of ranking results and reports;

c. Added Korean support.

4.3 COCOS Rewards

a. Announced the award-winning users in Mid-Autumn festival community activities;

b. Processed the 2nd list of Buidlers & Angels and contribution rewards.

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