Cocos-BCX Biweekly Report: April 06 — April 17

01 Development of MainNet

As of April 2, Binance and HOO Exchange have completed the COCOS MainNet token swap. Besides, the MainNet COCOS deposits, withdrawals and trading services have been reopened.

April 8, Cocos-BCX upgraded the account system, including SDK upgrading and product enhancement.

02 Development of TestNet

On April 13, 2020, the Cocos-BCX TestNet was upgraded to V1.1.5. Here are the updates:

  • Enabled Binary wallet to create and update contract from a file, which is convenient for developers to operate.
  • Added a public data interface to get the contract in the contract API, which is convenient for developers to work.
  • Enabled the GAS automatic claim as a transaction fee before each transfer to facilitate the recovery of the GAS.

03 Development of DApp

On April 16, DappReview officially launches the Cocos-BCX DApp section, which refers to adding the Cocos-BCX chain on its website sub-navigation menu. Users can experience the Cocos-BCX DApps through the DappReview official website.

  • Developed a referral commission system to reward referrers.
  • Completed the distribution of the 3rd-period and the 4th-period bonus pool dividend.
  • Launched hero recall events to increase hero trading.

04 Development of Products

  • Added the wallet mode (private key method) registration method.
  • Required high-complexity password combinations when registering and changing passwords.
  • Cancelled the temporary password reset in wallet mode.
  • Added call processing of external application signature interface.

Added the signature interface call of InvokerSDK.

05 Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels

April 15, Cocos-BCX announced that XPET Monster World, GOGOC, Wetez, The Block World were selected as Cocos-BCX’s Second Batch of Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels.

  • Cocos Block published an article named <My Thoughts About Crypto Knights COCOS Version>.
  • BitMoreFUN issued an article named<The Development of Cocos-BCX in the Past Six Months>.

06 Development of Communities

  • So far, Cocos-BCX has seven telegram communities in Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Sri Lankan.
  • On April 16, Cocos-BCX launched an airdrop jointly with DappReview on the official Twitter.
  • On April 13, Cocos-BCX launched a WeChat airdrop to popularize the concept of MainNet Active BP.
  • On April 14, Cocos-BCX launched WeChat and Weibo airdrops of sharing the COCOS account system video guide.
  • On April 16, Cocos-BCX launched an airdrop jointly with DappReview on the official Weibo.

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