Cocos-BCX Biweekly Report: August 08-August 15

01 Technical Development

a. Demonstration of the theoretical feasibility of chain bottom index optimization, and testing to verify that the optimization effect meets expectations;
b. Tested chain machine performance, verified the minimum configuration and give the recommended configuration;
c. Chain code contributors pull request review and verification, and are expected to merge to the master branch;
d. Modified the development of account memo key demo through the bottom layer of nodejs-sdk;
e. The new version of the TestNet is packaged and compiled for testing;
f. Multi-thread optimization of chain read and write block data;

a. CocosBCX DeFi function supports solution design and planning;
b. Cross-network asset acceptance gateway construction;
c. Browser, contract IDE, knowledge encyclopedia, (non-)homogeneous asset design tool construction.

a. Tested Js-sdk memory optimization, compare the memory growth rate with and without callback;
b. Updated the account example through py thon-sdk;
c.python-sdk adds test examples.

a. Completed the detailed explanation of genesis-json;
b. Completed the description of becoming an active witness or board of directors to obtain benefits;
c. Completed the transaction operation instructions and exchange docking instructions;
d. Completed the development process description and C++ programming specification;
e. Completed the detailed explanation of the theory and case of the NFT asset module;
f. Built English technical documentation, and added quick start introduction and installation instructions.

02 Offline Activity

On August 1, Cocos-BCX held the “Cocos-BCX ChinaJoy Friends Meeting 2020” in Shanghai. Cocos-BCX global community contributor Alvin, Cocos-BCX technical architect Yoda, DAPPX CEO Minghui Cai, ChainPlay CEO Neo and Diablo 2 producer Hu Xuanfeng were having a panel. In addition, Kevin, the chief technical adviser of Cocos-BCX, as the surprise guest, also brought the latest evolution of the Cocos-BCX public chain.

03 Online activities

On August 5th, Cocos-BCX launched the Bitcointalk Bounty event, with a bounty pool of 1,000,000 COCOS.

On August 6, the official Twitter of Cocos-BCX held a reposting lottery to celebrate the successful conclusion of the ChinaJoy Friends Club.

On August 11th, Cocos-BCX global community contributor Alvin visited the Binance Sri Lanka community to introduce the overall situation of Cocos-BCX to the Sri Lankan community, such as the progress of Cocos-BCX in the first half of 2020, as well as the DeFi and NFT aspects of Cocos-BCX The layout and actual landing situation.

On August 13th, we launched the “Cocos-BCX Hotspot AMA DeFi Rhapsody” theme discussion activity in the Cocos-BCX Chinese community, allowing Cocos-BCX Eco Buidlers & Angels to chat with the community members about recent market hotspots.

In the topic discussion activity of “Cocos-BCX Hotspot AMA DeFi Rhapsody”, Higer, the founder of the Blockchain Research Society, shared the topic “DeFi is the most important piece of puzzle lost in the public chain”.

In the “Cocos-BCX Hotspot AMA: DeFi Rhapsody” theme discussion event, DAPPX CEO Minghui Cai shared the topic “Cocos-BCX’s DeFi Imagination Space”.

In the “Cocos-BCX Hotspot AMA DeFi Rhapsody” theme discussion event, Cocos-BCX global technical contributor Reed, blockchain research institute founder Higer, and DAPPX CEO Minghui Cai had discussions with the observer group representatives Blake, DAppChaser Erica and DAppChaser IMCOCOS.

04 Ecology

On August 10, the new version of Cocos-BCX Eco Map 2.0 was released. The ecology consists of 130 entities. Compared with version 1.0, there are 20 more entities, which more comprehensively covers the ecosystems required by the blockchain game industry, and even districts. The ecology required by the blockchain industry.

On August 12, the second phase (June-July) contribution rewards for Cocos-BCX MainNet ecological Buidlers & Angels was announced. A total of 74 million Cocos-BCX Tokens will be distributed to 33 ecological Buidlers & Angels according to their levels.

05 MainNet data

On August 14, according to the latest data from the CocosABC blockchain browser, the block height of the next-generation game digital economy platform Cocos-BCX exceeded 11 million.

06 NFT

In the form of sale, ChinaJoy Plus NFT tickets were issued with more than 1.2 million tickets. Recently, Cocos-BCX announced that it will migrate ChinaJoyPlus online NFT to user accounts, and simultaneously open a lottery for ChinaJoy physical tickets in the NFT mall to commemorate.



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