Cocos-BCX Biweekly Report: July 01-July 15

01 Technical Development

Confirmed whether the GAS automatic claim operation is included in the transaction by the number of op operations and the number of op operation results in the transaction;

Verified the feasibility of the query plan.

You can query the number of daily blocks, transactions, and op operations within a specified date range.

Updated TestNet deployment (v1.1.8), completed data compatibility test and functional test, and output test report;

Added an interface to initiate a proposal to modify the maximum number of votes in an election;

Increased the command and chain api interface for configuration query of the maximum number of votes;

Achieved the function support of Python SDK and updated the development documentation.

The official development documents were migrated to readthedocs to optimized the document index;

Reserved new side chains, operation and maintenance operation guidelines, and NFT non-homogeneous asset modules;

Added a guide to quickly build a private chain.

02 COCOS AMA Series No.2

On July 16, 2020, at 8:00 PM (UTC+8), we are going to host a live-stream session with Cocos-BCX co-founder Haozhi Chen in Cocos-BCX official WeChat group. During the “AMA ”, Cocos-BCX co-founder Haozhi Chen and Cocos-BCX global communities contributor Alvin (the host) will discuss Cocos-BCX development and 2020 mid-year review and outlook.

03 Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels

Cocos-BCX optimized rewards and position in [MainNet Stage] COCOS Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels Incentive Plan 1.0 and launched 2.0 version on March 24. As of today, Cocos-BCX announced 48 MainNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels and formally implements incentive plan to promote the healthy development of Cocos-BCX ecosystem. Here are some contributions made by Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels from July 01 to July 15.


Added additional 50WCOCOS to both“Crypto Knights” and “Dragons Must Die” prize pools to celebrate the official public beta of the “Dragons Must Die”;

Continued to iterate through multiple sub-versions“Dragons Must Die” and fixed several bugs;

Completed 3 rounds of LWT mortgage dividends of “Dragons Must Die” , with a cumulative dividend of 25W COCOS;

Completed 3 rounds of LWT mortgage dividends “Crypto Knights”, with a cumulative dividend of 38W COCOS.


Optimized Cocos-BCX wallet transaction record display.


Launched the new PVP battle, and the COCOS prize pool will be divided once a week.


Published an article named “COCOS NFT”;

Published an article named “Dragons Must Die Detailed Walkthrough”;

Published an article named “Future of Cocos-BCX”;

Published an article named “Cocos-BCX Content Campaign”.


Published an article named “Cocos-BCX is Changing Business Mode of Games”;

Published an article named “Cocos- BCX Has Increased the Development of Blockchain Games”;

Published an article named “Technological Innovation of Cocos-BCX”.

COCOS Sri Lanka

Designed posters containing Cocos-BCX branding elements;

Designed videos containing Cocos-BCX branding elements.

04 Development of Communities

Since the release of the Cocos-BCX MainNet ecological Buidlers & Angels incentive plan, we have continued to receive applications all over the world. After Cocos-BCX foundation evaluation, we built 12 regional communities, including French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Indian, Indonesian, Bengali, American, Vietnamese, Sri Lankan, Filipino, and Arabic communities, while Africa, German, Italian, Pakistani, Nepali communities are still under review.

Besides, to appreciate the loyal players from all over the world for their continuous support and attract more new players, we are launching Cocos-BCX Blockchain Games Week this week, which includes SIX airdrops. 1,000,000 COCOS are given away!

On July 7, Cocos-BCX launched an airdrop of renaming “Crypto Knights”;

On July 13, Cocos-BCX launched Cocos-BCX Blockchain Games Week on official Weibo.



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