Cocos-BCX Biweekly Report: June 01-June 15

01 Development of MainNet

1.1 Cocos-BCX Block Height Has Exceeded 8 Million

On June 8, according to the latest data from the Cocos-BCX blockchain explorer, the block height of the Cocos-BCX reached 8,122,845, which has exceeded eight million.

02 Development of DApp

2.1 COCOS Dragons Must Die

On June 4, Dragons Must Die, a place card blockchain game developed by ChainPlay team was going to launch on Cocos-BCX MainNet, and opened for testing from June 4 to June 11.

2.2 COCOS XPet

The strategy battle RPG game XPet developed by one of the Buidler of Cocos-BCX MainNet ecology — — XPET, was officially launched on June 11th on the Cocos-BCX MainNet. Players can enter the game through the CocosWallet or DAPPX, and follow the instructions to earn some rewards to start the XPet journey.

2.3 COCOS Panda Games

On June 15, the Android version of the casual game — Panda Games, developed by GPE Studio, was officially launched on the Cocos-BCX MainNet, and its internal test would last one month which is from June 15 to July 15. In addition, the IOS version will be launched in about two weeks.

03 COCOS Market Circulation

June 3, COCOS was launched on the BitKan exchange and opened COCOS/USDT trading pair.

04 Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels

Cocos-BCX optimized rewards and position in [MainNet Stage] COCOS Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels Incentive Plan 1.0 and launched 2.0 version on March 24. As of today, Cocos-BCX announced 42 MainNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels and formally implements incentive plan to promote the healthy development of Cocos-BCX ecosystem. Here are some contributions made by Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels from June 01 to June 15.


  • Developed and launched COCOS-BCX nodes voting function;
  • Developed and launched COCOS-BCX nodes dividend function;
  • Developed and launched function of giving away COCOS-BCX account GAS for free;
  • Jointly launched exclusive celebration of DApp — — COCOS XPet with XPET team.

4.2 DappBirds

  • Launched Cocos-BCX wallet;
  • Launched Cocos-BCX DApp data zone;
  • Launched Cocos-BCX blockchain explorer, users can experience the Cocos-BCX ecological DApps smoothly
  • Launched 2 million COCOS giveaway.

4.3 BitMoreFun

  • Published an article named “Three elements of developing a good blockchain game — Cocos-BCX ‘Dragons Must Die’”
  • Published an article named “Introduce games engines like UNITY3D、Unreal、Cocos2DX”

4.4 SSSnode Super Node

  • Published an article named “XPET functions introduction”
  • Published an article named “ ‘Dragons Must Die’ users guide”

4.5 【First Phase】Cocos-BCX MainNet Buidlers & Angels Rankings

Cocos-BCX Ecosystem is growing steadily with the releasing of the two-round Buidlers & Angels. A total of 42 teams have been listed as Cocos-BCX MainNet Buidlers & Angels, and they have been contributing to Cocos-BCX ecosystem. After the evaluation of Cocos-BCX Foundation, the ranking of 28 teams who submitted contribution reports before June 1st is now released with a total of 84.4 million COCOS waiting for them.

05 Development of Communities

5.1 International Communities

  • So far, Cocos-BCX has eight telegram communities in Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Sri Lankan and Indonesian.
  • On June 3, Cocos-BCX and BitKan jointly launched two airdrops to celebrate the launch of COCOS on the BitKan exchange on the official Twitter and official Facebook.

5.2 Domestic Communities

  • On June 3, Cocos-BCX and BitKan jointly launched two airdrops to celebrate the launch of COCOS on the BitKan exchange on the WeChat, official Weibo and K platform.
  • During Children’s Day, Cocos-BCX launched two airdrops to celebrate the Children’s Day on the WeChat and official Weibo.
  • On June 4, Cocos-BCX launched an airdrop of bug reporting to celebrate the launch of Dragons Must Die.



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