Cocos-BCX Calls to Arms - Land of Conquest IGO Details!

Ⅰ. Land of Conquest IGO Overview

Ⅱ. About Land of Conquest

  • LOC NFT Family

Ⅲ. How to participate in IGO on Cocos-BCX?

  • Stake COCOS NFT
  • Stake COCOS
  • Invite new members successfully
  • Win a raffle: you can immediately withdraw the initial release. The remaining tokens will be released subsequently at a set ratio.
  • Miss out: your purchase principal goes back to the purchasing address.

Ⅳ. Rules for Cocos-BCX IGO Raffle

  • Shares less than IGO amount: 100% raffle winning rate for all users.
  • Shares outnumber IGO amount: the winning rate varies according to the membership level. The higher level, the higher the winning rate.

Ⅴ. Cocos-BCX Membership Level & Computing Power Requirement

Ⅵ. Cocos-BCX Membership Level

  • No Less than 30 days: No principal deduction
  • 20–30 days (incl 20 days): 1% principal deduction
  • 10–20 days (incl 10 days): 2% principal deduction
  • 5–10 days (incl 5 days): 5% principal deduction
  • Less than 5 days: 10% principal deduction
  • 1st tier inviter: 50 Power
  • 2nd tier inviter: 10 Power

Ⅶ. Rules for IGO Allocation

Ⅷ. Rules for IGO Project Referral Commissions

  • 0.8% to the first-tier inviter
  • 0.2% to the second-tier inviter

About Cocos-BCX

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