Cocos-BCX Co-founder Haozhi Chen is invited to join “China-Korea Online Blockchain Week” sponsored by BiYong

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BiYong, Bananatok, together with Golden Finance, CoinReaders, and CoinWorld organized an online exchange and sharing meeting “China-Korea Online Blockchain Week” was grandly held on September 9th,2020. Cocos-BCX Co-founder Haozhi Chen will attend the event on September 12th, and will give a speech on the theme of “How does game public chain Cocos-BCX bring a completely new experience of NFT+DeFi+DApp” from 19:00 — 19:15(UTC+8).Let’s discuss how to grasp the current and future development trends of the game public chain under the background of the big market and promote the healthy development of the project.

“China-Korea Online Blockchain Week” is a large-scale online speech event for global users. The initiator “BiYong” specially invited more than 100 senior executives and important influencers from the blockchain industry around the whole world. The content involves DeFi, IPFS, digital wallets, Investment, security, public chain, exchanges, media and other blockchain fields, providing millions of users with a rich and essential mind feast.

The event addresses are “BiYong Official Group 14" and “Bananatok Official Korean Group”. At the same time, during the event, we prepared a red pocket of one million COCOS. for everyone, and welcome everyone to join the feast.

BiYong official group 0014:

Bananatok official Korean group:

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