Cocos-BCX Ecological DeFi+NFT project CFS dividend function is online

On the evening of September 27th, 2020(UTC+8),the Cocos-BCX Ecological DeFi+NFT project CFS developed by Cocos-BCX ecological Builders and Angels Croswap Team officially launched the dividend function, and at 0:00 on September 28th,2020(UTC+8), the “Sunshine” campaign was launched. Users who pledged CFS can receive a proportional dividend of 500W COCOS.

The full name of CFS is Cocos Financial Share, and CROSWAP.COM, the first DeFi+NFT decentralized AMM token exchange agreement of Cocos-BCX Ecological Investment, will be launched simultaneously at 8 pm on September 22nd,2020(UTC+8).

There are 1,2096,000 CFSs in total, no overissue, no pre-mining. At present, 2 blocks are issued per second, and each block is issued with 1 coin, of which 95% of the tokens enter the mining pool, and 5% of the tokens are reserved for the foundation. The CFS project team is, an early ecological partner of COCOS. It is the winner of the 2019 Dora Hacks Blockchain Application COCOS Arena Award. Representative works include “Encrypted Tanks”, etc. The team’s developers have an Alibaba background.

There are three main features of the CFS project: First, it supports the use of NFT as a mortgage certificate for mining, and it also supports Token single mining.

The second is to manually set the handling fee. For every 1% of the handling fee, the pledge amount can be increased by 10 times and the mining weight can be increased.

It should be noted that the handling fee is calculated by the second every day. When withdrawing or redeeming, it is settled once. The handling fee will be credited to the coswap-moon account. Coswap-moon will purchase CFS from croswap and destroy it from time to time.

The third is to support the pledge of CFS and the commission of the dividend platform since September 28TG,2020(UTC+8).

PS: According to the news released by the CFS team in the community recently, in addition to the continuous improvement of the product itself, CFS may be listed on the exchange in the near future.

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