Cocos-BCX Has Completed the Distribution of Recent Airdrops Rewards | Check Your Wallet for April

On April 14th, Cocos-BCX has finished the distributions of recent community airdrops rewards. Please check your wallet address.

Details as follows:

Community Airdrop Rewards

  • From March 9th to March 11th, Second Phase of the March Airdrop Campaign for the theme activity of “TG Cocosians please leave your name” was held in the official Wechat moments of Cocos-BCX admins’.

Airdrops In Progress

  • On March 25th,《Crypto Knights》was officially launched on BSC.《Crypto Knights》,nailed as one of the most active COCOS ecological blockchain games,users could not only experience traditional game features,but also interacting with 24/7 idling blockchain features, including summon、battle、24/7 idling、Simulation、Token produced etc. functions.

Everyone would join this game by using Math or MetaMask wallet to connect.

Detailed tutorials as below:

  • At 18:00 PM on April 8th, Cocos-BCX officially launched COCOS Minting(also called staking) NFT function,Opened【 Stake】module,gameplay doubled,module upgraded, and announced NFT minting tutorial.Please follow tutorials below on NFT minting:

In order to better provide professional services to users and further internationalize the Cocos-BCX project, the official WeChat community has been migrated to the Telegram group, and we will also conduct community airdrop activities in Telegram groups. Everyone is more than welcome to join the Cocos-BCX official Chinese and English telegram groups.If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to consult and discuss in both groups.

Bananatok: VPN Required)


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