Cocos-BCX Has Completed the Distribution of Recent Airdrops Rewards | Check Your Wallet For April 2020 Rewards!

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On April 24, Cocos-BCX has finished the distributions of recent community airdrops rewards and Bounty rewards withdrawal. Please check your wallet address.

The details are as follows:

Community Airdrop Rewards

  • To let more people experience the Crypto Knights, from March 18 to March 30, the official Chinese community launched the “Inviting Your Friends to Play Crypto Knights to Earn Rewards” airdrop. The rewards have been distributed.
  • Cocos-BCX and DappReview jointly call on everyone to turn off unnecessary power-consuming products for more than an hour. Retweet the poster and 4 winners will be randomly chosen, each wins 8888 COCOS. [Airdrop] Earth Hour Challenge. The rewards have been distributed.
  • Cocos-BCX Subscription launched the Tricky Copywriting Campaign on April Fool’s Day. The rewards have been distributed.
  • On April 13, Cocos-BCX launched a WeChat airdrop to popularize the concept of MainNet Active BP. The rewards have been distributed.
  • On April 14, Cocos-BCX launched WeChat and Weibo airdrops of sharing the COCOS account system video guide. The rewards have been distributed.
  • On April 16, Cocos-BCX launched an airdrop jointly with DappReview on the official Weibo to celebrate Cocos-BCX exclusive DApps section on the DappReview website. The rewards have been distributed.

Bounty Rewards Withdrawal

  • The applications of Bounty rewards withdrawal before 18:00 on April 24 have been distributed. Please note that the Bounty withdrawal takes 14 business days to finish.
  • Besides, the Bounty withdrawal address only supports the COCOS MainNet address, and it will no longer support the ETH address. Please remember to modify the address when you withdraw.
  • Please note that the withdrawal address is MainNet address instead of the public key.

Crypto Knights Entrance

Method №1:

Download Cocos-BCX mobile wallet, this way is fast and straightforward;

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Method №2 :

Log in to the Cocospay extension wallet (currently supports 360 browsers, Firefox and Google) through the official website or Cocos Terminal to experience it.

COCOS MainNet token swap has officially launched on February 27, 2020. COCOS rewards claiming will only support MainNet accounts from now on. If you have any other questions, please feel free to join Cocos-BCX official group and contact admins for help, we will solve your problems as soon as possible.

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