Cocos-BCX Has Completed the Distribution of Recent Airdrops Rewards | Check Your Wallet For August 2020 Rewards!

On August 24, Cocos-BCX has finished the distributions of recent community airdrops rewards. Please check your wallet address.

The details are as follows:

Community Airdrop

  1. The rewards from “Cocos-BCX ChinaJoy Community Event” airdrop on Cocos-BCX official Twitter from August 6th to 9th has been distributed.
  2. The rewards from “Binance Sri Lanka AMA with Cocos-BCX” airdrop on Binance Sri Lanka Telegram from August 6th to 9th has been distributed.
  3. The rewards from “Cocos-BCX Hotspot AMA of DeFi Rhapsody” airdrop on Cocos-BCX official WeChat group on August 13th.

Cocos-BCX MainNet DApps Entrance

Method №1:

Download Cocos-BCX mobile wallet, this way is fast and straightforward;

Method №2 :

Log in to the Cocospay extension wallet (currently supports 360 browsers, Firefox and Google) through the official website or Cocos Terminal to experience it.

COCOS MainNet token swap has officially launched on February 27, 2020. COCOS rewards claiming will only support MainNet accounts from now on. If you have any other questions, please feel free to join Cocos-BCX official group and contact admins for help, we will solve your problems as soon as possible.

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