Cocos-BCX Has Completed the Distribution of Recent Airdrops Rewards | Check Your Wallet For July 2020 Rewards!

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On August 5th,Cocos-BCX has finished the distributions of recent community airdrops rewards. Please check your wallet address.

Details as follows:

Community Airdrop Rewards

  • From July 20th to July 24th, the “Write Your Bottom-heart words, Cocos-BCX Strive to Become Better” event rewards for the Chain Tour Week on the official Weibo.
  • From July 13th to July 17th, rewards for the overseas chain tour week organized on official Twitter in conjunction with 12 global minor language communities.
  • From July 13th to July 21st, the official telegram group and 12 global minor language communities will be rewarded for overseas chain tour activities.

How to get rewards

  • Bounty has launched a variety of mission claims, and everyone can claim them according to their skills.

Crypto Knights Entrance

Download Cocos-BCX mobile wallet, this way is fast and straightforward;

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Method №2 :

Log in to the Cocospay extension wallet (currently supports 360 browsers, Firefox and Google) through the official website or Cocos Terminal to experience it.

Note: Cocos-BCX MainNet mapping has officially started on February 27, 2020, and future rewards only support MainNet accounts. In order to avoid missing the rewards or if you have any questions about the above rewards, please add customer service agent Kerr for consultation and group entrance (cocosbcx02).

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