Cocos-BCX has participated in the DeFi Innovation section of BlockChain Innovation Season hosted by Jinse Finance,with brand new gameplay of NFT Mining 2.0(Tutorials included)

Recently, Cocos-BCX has participated in the DeFi Innovation section of BlockChain Innovation Season hosted by Jinse Finance,and was held on-site at the number 8 booth.

The reason why we picked 8th booth for display, not only because 8 has the homophonic sound of ‘fortune’ in Chinese, but also as you placed ‘8’ horizontally, which is also the infinity symbol “∞”, which means Cocos-BCX will have unlimited imaginations,under this circumstance, we also demonstrated a new mining method and launched the airdrop on “COCOS Lucky Coconut Event”.After the conference,Cocos-BCX randomly selected 10 BSC addresses and each got 3 COCOS as airdropped. As of 0:00 on April 12th, Cocos-BCX had received more than 500 addresses. At 16:00 PM on April 12th, Cocos-BCX has completed the airdrop distributions to lucky winners.

Although the airdrop of “COCOS Lucky Coconut Event “ has temporarily come to an end, the COCOS NFT mining activity is still going on. The following is the specific information of the activity:

On April 8th, Cocos-BCX officially launched processing on COCOS NFT Minting. You could pledge from 10–1000 nominal value equivalent COCOS to randomly get level1-level6 COCOS NFT.

COCOS NFT Minting Tutorial :

At 18:00 PM on April 9th, Cocos-BCX NFT Mining 2.0 officially started. The total mining pool is 50,000 COCOS and the mining time is 15 days. So dear Cocosians,please follow the tutorial below to participate in NFT mining:

1)Enter COCOS World【】,switch to EN, click【Connect Wallet】. After your wallet got connected successfully, Click【Stake】module;

2)Choose correct prize pool to enter ( Treasure Collection Pavilion), and check mining rules;

3)Enter the page and scroll down to【My NFT】,select your current NFT and click【Approved】button ;

4)After authorization,click【Staking】button,and you are good to start your COCOS NFT mining;

5)During the mining period, click [Obtain], the COCOS produced by the currently pledged NFT will be extracted, and the NFT will continue to mine and will not be redeemed. Click [Withdraw All], all the pledged NFTs will be redeemed except for the COCOS produced. For a single NFT, click [Withdraw], all COCOS produced by the NFT will be withdrawn, and the NFT will also be redeemed to the wallet.

COCOS NFT Mining Rules:

1)Each level of COCOS NFT has different computing power. The higher the computing power is, the higher the mining efficiency is. Total output = COCOS nominal value * mining efficiency, as follows:

2)Total mining prize pool is 50,000 COCOS,mining period is for 15 days;

3)NFT pledging has no upper limit, the more users pledged, the more COCOS users will get;

4)Withdraw Penalty:Any kind of withdraw within three mining days will be deducted 10% of profit;

5)During mining period, any BNB handling fee generated is charged by the BSC chain and has nothing to do with Cocos-BCX.;

6)All Chinese New Year’s NFT can be used for NFT mining 2.0.

COCOS NFT Minting(also called casting):

  • Minting(also called casting) of NFT needs to consume COCOS on BSC chain, so please add COCOS on BSC network, details as follows:

Contract address: 0xAb301DaE71f5B386C566f484e636Aee60318F12F

Currency symbol: COCOS

Decimal precision: 18

  • Minting(also called casting) of NFT needs to consume 1 COCOS on BSC chain and pledge a certain amount of COCOS as the nominal value of NFT
  • Since the Minting(also called casting) of NFT, the pledged COCOS can be decomposed into the same amount after 30 days
  • Minting grade will be selected randomly: LV1-LV6
  • The specific types, grades and nominal values ​​of casting NFTs are as follows:
  • The BNB handling fee is generated during the NFT mining and Minting(also called casting) process .This fee is charged by the BSC chain and has nothing to do with Cocos-BCX.
  • NFT minting(also called casting) will be open for a long time, and the nominal value of NFT will be valid for quite a while, final details are depending on the NFT gameplay of each period;
  • The minted NFT nominal value will affect the computing power and ultimately affect the total output(Income) generated by mining;;
  • In the later period, the Cocos-BCX official will open the teams game to manually mint(also called cast) 8 heroes for subsequent team mining, and the captain of each team will get more revenue;
  • The minted NFT heroes will be able to be auctioned and traded in Treasureland NFT Markets in the future. The specific gameplay is subject to specific articles, and these will be launched one by one.
  • As market is risky, please be cautious and final calculation is upon users.
  • Cocos-BCX reserves the right of final interpretation.

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