Cocos-BCX invites you to open your first 2021 Blockchain Five Fortunes NFT,and share big prize pool!

At 6:00 AM on January 28th,2021,(UTC) whitelist users will get an opportunity to draw Five Fortunes NFT or Bull Bull NFT by opening the blind box. COCOS is casted in the NFT and subsequent mining pools can be mined. The Five Fortunes series NFT can be mined and can synthesize a certain amount of COCOS in red envelopes form.

After opened the ‘Blind box’ for NFT,users can trade in Treasureland platform or free-trade between users etc. ways to collect all five’ Fortune of Harmony, Fortune of Patriotism, Fortune of Dedication, Fortune of Kindness, Fortune of Prosperity’ Five Fortune NFTs.At 12:00 AM on February 7th,2021,(UTC),users who collected all five ‘Five Fortune NFTs’ can share the big prize pool! Please follow instructions below:

1)Enter COCOS World【】,and click【Connect Wallet】.

2)After wallet connect successfully,click on ‘Blind box’ module

3)Click the [Bonus Pool] button in the upper right corner to enter the Five Fortune lottery page.

4)The Five Fortune page displays the Five Fortune prize pool, the lottery countdown, the number of users who obtained all five ‘Five Fortune NFTs’. Click [Activity] in the upper right corner to view the related rules and description of the activity.

5)After the countdown ends, that is, at 12:00 AM on February 7th,2021(UTC), you can click the ‘Open’ button.

6)According to the number of users who had all five ‘Five Fortunes NFTs’ collected, the system will calculate the number of bonuses for each winning user(note: the following amounts are only for reference).

Activity Instruction:

  • Users have to collect all five’Five Fortunes NFTs’ to have the opportunity to share the bonus prize pool;
  • After sharing Five Fortunes prize pool,Five Fortunes NFT will be consumed up;
  • NFT can participate in mining, and Cocos-BCX officials will put in 50,000 USDT equivalent COCOS as mining gold for mining;
  • At 13:30 PM on February 8th,2021,NFT mining(Staking) will start;
  • NFT can be traded on platforms such as Treasureland;
  • NFT can be decomposed into COCOS;
  • NFT will migrate as COCOS cross-chains and will enjoy benefits on all chains;
  • NFT will be able to pledge to obtain full platform income.

Cocos-BCX Onlined Referral Program,now you can earn BNB and COCOS together with your friends!

In addition, in order to better promote ecological development and expand the influence of Cocos-BCX, at 6 AM on January 25th,2021 (UTC),we encourage all users can participate on’Referral’ program on the CocosWorld page ( to enter the promoter page. Hope everyone will participate actively and enjoy your contribution to your beloved Cocos-BCX.

Users can get their own exclusive invitation code through purchase. The initial price is 1 BNB. For every 100 invitation codes sold, the price will be increased by 1 BNB. For example, the 1–100th invitation code is 1 BNB, and the 101st invitation code is 2 BNB, and so on;User who entered through the invitation code link and logs in to the wallet will be permanently bounded to you, and get 7% of the total income of the invited user on the COCOS platform, and 3% of the user’s income from inviting new users.For example, if A invites user B and user B invites user C, user A receives 7% of user B’s income and 3% of user C’s income.

Follow below steps to become a promoter:

1)Enter 【COCOS World】Click【Connect Wallet】

2)Enter User Name

3)Copy the invitation link to share , and click ‘Withdraw Now’ button to withdraw

For specific operations, you can click on the article to view

Cocos-BCX “Open NFT blind box, collect five fortunes, and NFT mining” campaign officially launches

If you have any questions or feeling more interested in our NFT, you can subscribe the following Cocos-BCX official platforms,we will synchronize at the first time.

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