Cocos-BCX invites you to open your first 2021 Blockchain Five Fortunes NFT,and share big prize pool!

  • Users have to collect all five’Five Fortunes NFTs’ to have the opportunity to share the bonus prize pool;
  • After sharing Five Fortunes prize pool,Five Fortunes NFT will be consumed up;
  • NFT can participate in mining, and Cocos-BCX officials will put in 50,000 USDT equivalent COCOS as mining gold for mining;
  • At 13:30 PM on February 8th,2021,NFT mining(Staking) will start;
  • NFT can be traded on platforms such as Treasureland;
  • NFT can be decomposed into COCOS;
  • NFT will migrate as COCOS cross-chains and will enjoy benefits on all chains;
  • NFT will be able to pledge to obtain full platform income.



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