Cocos-BCX mobile wallet SDK goes live, supports low coupling with DApp

Recently, the universal docking SDK for CocosWallet and DApp was officially launched, and we named it wallet_invoker.

At present, DApps are developing rapidly. In the actual docking process, the standards of them are not uniform, and the docking is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Using this SDK tool can reduce the development and adaptation work, and realize the low-coupling interaction of CocosWallet and DApp related operations, such as authorized login, transfer and call contract.

The iOS SDK and Android SDK have been launched, and they support CocosWallet wallets of 2.1.6 and above.

Besides the Cocos-BCX wallet_invoker SDK can be found at

For specific access methods, please check the tutorial below.



  1. Manually drag the walletinvoker folder from the Walletinvoker project into your project

Open the info.plist configuration as follows: (take dappdemo as a case)

3. Initialization

  • Initialized in AppDelegate.m file

Quote the header file #import “CocosWalletApi.h”

  • Register URL Schemes in application: didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method

[CocosWalletApi registerAppID: @ “dappdemo”];

API example

  1. CocosLoginObj

2. Transfer

3. CocosCallContractObj

Android SDK


Introduced into the local maven repository

  1. Add the sdk-aar file to the project root directory

3. Add dependencies to the module, the build.gralde file which relies on the SDK as follows:

API example

  1. Authorize

2. Transfer

3. Contract

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