Cocos-BCX Monthly Report – August 2020

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Important Release:COCOS is officially launched on this month

Ecosystem Related Development: 《 Pokémon Master 3D》is officially launched on Cocos-BCX MainNet

Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels:Announced the results of the second round on Builders and Angels Rankings

Community AMA:Shared and discussed hot topics in communities globally.

Online activities:Carried out 5 community activities globally.

Media Reports:Reported one article and 17 news

01 Technological Progress

a.MainNet deployment update (v1.5.1), complete data compatibility and function test report, output test report;

b.MainNet index optimization, shorten the execution time of reindex and replay-chain;

c.Add contract interface to obtain public data;

d.cli_wallet new commands can create and modify contracts through files;

e. Increase the contract interface to obtain the largest integer and the smallest negative integer;

h.Optimize the maximum number of votes, support the proposal to modify the maximum number of votes, and add corresponding interfaces;

i. Detailed optimization of node obtaining votes;

j. Testnet deployment update (v1.1.8.3), NFT asset index optimization.

1.2 DeFi

cocoswap Ecological Builders and Angels technical support。

1.3 NFT

a.NFT standardized research, standardized Name, ICON and other attributes;

b.;NFT mall optimization, picture display optimization and interface optimization

c.NFT mall updates, adding NFT assets such as Starbucks and phone recharge。

1.4 English version Technical documents

a.Complete the instructions for setting up account with transfer transaction;

b.Complete Cocos-BCX MainNet principle introduction and economic system description;

c.Complete NFT asset worldview and case description;

d.Completion of BCX-NHAS-1808 standard and corresponding implementation introduction;

e.Complete Cocos-BCX wallet instructions, CocosPay and Cli_wallet command line wallet instructions;

f.Complete Scan browser including minimalist browser and Cocos-teminal instructions。

02 Important Release

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2.2)On August 14th,according to the latest data from the CocosABC block chain browser, the block height of the next-generation video game. economic platform Cocos-BCX reached 11,008,584, breaking through 11 million.

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2.3)At 18:00 on August 20th (UGT+8), Cocos-BCX has performed the last donor Token unlocking and releasing according to the original plan.

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03 Ecosystem Related Development

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3.2)The “Pokemon Master 3D” developed by the ecological Builders&Angels DAPPX is officially launched on the Cocos-BCX MainNet. “Pokemon Master 3D” is a pet catching game based on the theme of Pokémon.

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04 Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels

On August 12th,the second round (June-July) incentive plan rewards for Cocos-BCX MainNet ecological Builders&Angels was announced. A total of 74 million Cocos-BCX Tokens will be distributed to 33 ecological Builders&Angels depending on their levels.

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Develop Cocos-BCX payment service and put it into use

Provide chain reform services for the “Texas Cowboy” game, docking test and launch

Provide chain modification service for the game “Pokemon Master 3D”, docking test and launch

4.3 Cocoa Tribe

Aquaman Trident NFT+DeFi+DApp, the road to the rise of Cocos-BCX

If you can NFT the assets in “God of War” to “Black Myth: Wukong”, do you expect it?


Analysis of the relative superiority of Cocos-BCX’s non-homogeneous digital asset standard

Love from Senior Investors :If missed DeFi,catch chance for NFT

4.5 DAppChaser

DeFi Rhapsody : How do public chains and games embrace DeFi?

DeFi Rhapsody(Part 1): How do public chains and games embrace DeFi?

DeFi Rhapsody (Part 2): What are the possibilities and opportunities of DeFi? How to reduce slippage?

4.6 Bit Cube

How to quickly lose gold coins in “Pokemon Master 3D”?

Cocos-BCX consensus expansion

05 AMA Topic activities

China district

5.1)Reed, Cocos-BCX global technical contributor, ecological Builders&Angels. Blockchain Instittue founder Higer, and DAPPX CEO Ralph Cai shared.

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5.2) On the evening of August 21st, Cocos-BCX founder Mr. Haozhi Chen was invited to be a guest at the live broadcast room,bringing you the theme of “How does the video game public chain Cocos-BCX bring a new experience of NFT + DeFi + DApp?”

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Oversea district

5.3)At 17:00 on August 11th (UTC + 8), Cocos-BCX global community contributor Alvin was invited to participate in the AMA online event organized by the Cocos-BCX Sri Lanka community and Binance Sri Lanka。

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5.4)On the afternoon of August 18th, Cocos-BCX founder Mr. Haozhi Chen was invited to ARPA’s official English community to share the theme of “When NFT Meets DeFi: Cocos-BCX ‘s rocket road to moon .”

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06 Online activity

6.1)On August 13th, Cocos-BCX announced that it would migrate ChinaJoyPlus online NFT to user accounts, and simultaneously open a lottery for ChinaJoy physical tickets in the NFT mall as a commemorative event.

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6.2)According to folklore, on the evening of Chinese Valentine’s day every year, it is the time when the Weaver Girl Cowherd and Magpie Bridge meet. From August 24th to August 31st, we will distribute the Cocos-BCX Limited Edition Magpie Bridge Meet NFT and limited peripherals and COCOS to celebrate this beautiful holiday.

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Oversea Community

6.3)On August 6to celebrate the “CJ Friends Club” hosted by Cocos-BCX and CJ’s NFT tickets using Cocos-BCX technology, Cocos-BCX official Twitter held a repost event.

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6.4)To celebrate the victory of Cocos-BCX in the 17th round of voting on the PK project on the platform, a candy event was held on the official Twitter.

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07 Media

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