Cocos-BCX Monthly Report — December 2019


Core Technical Progress: MainNet, SDK, DApp, and other technical updates

Important Release: MainNet launch and MainNet node policy released in this month

Ecosystem Development: This month, we released the Ecosystem Incentive Plan of the MainNet, the Hash Quark launched on the MainNet, and the winners of the 5th round Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels was announced.

Offline Activities: 1

Media Reports: 6 articles and 7 pieces of news

1.Technical Progress

1.1 MainNet Update

  • Optimized the display of small negative positions;
  • Contract size can be configured (default configuration is 2%, transaction size is limited to 40K);
  • Mortgage interface type extension, support for account name and account ID.

1.2 SDK Update

1.2.1) JS-SDK

  • The transfer interface is added with the option of whether to encrypt the remarks;
  • Update Cocos-BCX-CORE dependencies.

1.2.2) Go-SDK

  • Go-SDK updated fee calculation;
  • Go-SDK modified the transfer to not encrypt memo;
  • Built-in encryption library replaced with native go language version;
  • Optimized the function of querying transaction records.

1.2.3) Unity-SDK

  • Unity-SDK updated fee calculation;
  • Unity-SDK optimized the transfer to encrypt memo.

1.2.4) iOS / Android-SDK

  • Added the function of changing the password;
  • Optimized the reward collection function;
  • Added contract parameter type judgment;
  • Refactored database code.

1.3 Cocos-BCX DApp

1.3.1) Cocos-Terminal (2.0)

  • Added the function of switching between the TestNet and the MainNet;
  • Integrated the most recent online transaction of the new interface;
  • Optimized the account history tab and NH asset details display issues;
  • Added the ability to view available balances and lock balances;
  • Listed Crypto Knights .

1.3.2) iOS / Android Wallet Update

  • Launched the MainNet node wallet;
  • Added the function of changing the password;
  • Added username prompt for free account on registration page;
  • Increased COCOS prices;
  • COCOS balance shows locked and liquidity balances;
  • Set the calculation unit switch of $ / ¥;
  • Faucets in the SDK created account optimization;
  • Modified the wallet node configuration(increasing the mandatory replacement of normal nodes connected);
  • Optimized the function of wallet private key export;
  • Listed Crypto Knights .

1.4 Other systems

1.4.1) Cocos-BCX Official Website

  • The official website has changed the download link of the Android wallet;
  • Changed the MainNet address of the adapter to Cocos-Teminal;
  • Bounty updated contact email;
  • Added the content of major events in 2019;
  • Added visual header images on MainNet.

1.4.2) Cocos-BCX Gas Rental System

  • Optimized GAS collection and redemption of COCOS collection functions;
  • The TestNet and MainNet can be exchanged according to the wallet connection node address;
  • If the optimization fee is insufficient, you will receive a failure notification.

1.4.3) CocosPay

  • Optimized the functions of node switching, account creation, account import and login and logout;
  • Optimized a series of prompt messages.

1.4.4) Token Mapping DApp

  • Added query account mapping progress;
  • Modified the operation page details to make the operation clearer.

1.4.5) Cocos-BCX Browser

  • Added MainNet and TestNet switching;
  • Optimized the language return position, some copywriting, and time display;
  • Optimized the data display when the account transfer amount is 0;
  • Optimized the contract search results, and the fee display.

2. Important Release

2.1) On December 12, the Cocos-BCX MainNet was officially launched.

2.2) On December 18, the Cocos-BCX node election policy was officially released,link

3. Node Partner

3.1) On December 20th, HashQuark, a well-known Staking ecosystem service provider in the industry, officially joined the Cocos-BCX MainNet node election and will provide high-standard security and node services to maintain the Cocos-BCX MainNet. Previously, HashQuark was a Cocos-BCX strategic partner and Buidler, and established a close cooperative relationship with Cocos-BCX,link.

4. Ecosystem Development

4.1) The Cocos-BCX public test period ends and it enters the MainNet phase. The COCOS Ecosystem Incentive Plan has also transitioned from the TestNet stage to the MainNet stage. At this stage, the COCOS Ecosystem Incentive Plan scheme will be optimized correspondingly in terms of thresholds, benefits and cycles. Everyone is welcome to apply,link.

4.2) Crypto Knights, the world ’s first placement chain game that supports Staking, is officially launched on the Cocos-BCX MainNet,link.

4.3) Cocos-BCX announced the list of six Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels in the fifth round, DAPPX, DappOS, SPEM, etc. were selected.

5. Technology Related

5.1) Inventory of Cocos-BCX development components. Cocos-BCX focuses on the principles of technology, development, and innovation. Since June 2019, it has released tool products on the Cocos-BCX TestNet: mobile wallets, PC wallets, plug-ins 8 products such as wallet block browser, as well as SDKs that include Go, JavaScript, Python, C ++ , Android, Unity, iOS three platforms, and non-homogeneous digital asset standards released and circulated based on NHAS-1808 non-homogeneous Various operations of homogeneous digital assets. Developers can use any SDK tool to implement “on-chain for one-click “,link.

5.2) Interpretation of Cocos-BCX Android wallet source code (2) Wallet creation and login.

5.3) Cocos-BCX provides three random process solutions | Reduces the cost of player trust and makes the game environment more fair.

6. Activities

6.1 During the Christmas period, Cocos-BCX initiated the registration of the MainNet account activity in the community.

6.2) On December 25, Cocos-BCX prepared three Christmas airdrop benefits “Let It Snow Tokens” for community users worldwide,link.

7. Media Reports

7.1)Cocos-BCX (Cocos) Has Formed Bullish Butterfly And Ready To Take Bullish Divergence For Upto 150% Big Gains

7.2)Aralık’ta ana ağa (mainnet) geçiş yapmayı hedefleyen en önemli 6 altcoin

7.3)Cocos-BCX kopen met iDEAL, Creditcard, SEPA of Bancontact

8. Review at the End of 2019

Cocos-BCX 2019 Chronicles, did you participate? link

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