Cocos-BCX Monthly Report-February 2021


Core Technology Progress: Onlined COCOS NFT Mining Products

External Cooperation: Reached Cooperation with BSC ,Math Wallet,promoting NFT mining together

Important Release:Cocos-BCX has opened Binance Bridge

Community AMA:Held AMA series №7 in Cocos-BCX Official Chinese and English Community

NFT:Launched a series of NFT-related beneficial activities such as NFT Five Fortunes collection bonus pool,NFT Blindbox opening, NFT Mining,Whitelist Positions Airdrops and Online Referral Program etc. by Cocos-BCX,during the celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year

Online activities:Carried out 5 community activities globally

Media Reports:Reported 2 articles,2 news and 3 videos

01 Technological Progress

1.1) Onlined Cocos-BCX DeFi Products Promoter Registration;

1.2) Onlined Cocos-BCX Blindbox opening,and obtained Cow NFT;

1.3) Onlined sharing prize pool of collected all five Cocos-BCX Five Fortunes NFTs ;

1.4) Started Cocos-BCX NFT Mining,(staking )NFT Mining could win COCOS.

02 External Cooperation

2.1) On February 2nd, the next-generation game digital economy platform Cocos-BCX and Math Wallet have reached cooperation on collecting Chinese Spring Festival Five Fortunes NFT, opening blind box etc. activities. Users can find Cocos-BCX in the new product area at the bottom of the Math Wallet DApp,and then users can participate in the activity.

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2.2)On February 9th, the next-generation gaming digital economy platform Cocos-BCX and LEGO in the DeFi world-DEGO have reached a cooperation, and the Cocos-BCX New Year NFT blind box and Five Fortunes NFT are launched on the Treasureland NFT mall.

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03 Important Release

3.1)On February 3rd, Cocos-BCX has opened Binance Bridge, which is also called Panama Project.Now COCOS of ERC-20 and BEP-20 can be successfully swapped in both directions.This move will further increase COCOS’s liquidity and compatibility with the Ethereum ecology and BSC ecology, and will be more conducive to the prosperity of COCOS assets and the development of COCOS assets-based chain games, DeFi, NFT etc.

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4.1)On February 8th,2021(UTC),Cocos-BCX conducted [AMA Series №7] AMA community live sharing in the Cocos-BCX official Chinese and English telegram groups, with Amanda, Cocos-BCX operations supervisor ,mainly focused on Cocos-BCX 2021 Annual Plan,COCOS token reduction,Bounty,whitelist for NFT Blindbox,Promoter,Five Fortunes and NFT Mining etc.

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4.2)On February 9th,Cocos-BCX participated in the BSC game-specified AMA. Cocos-BCX technical contributor Reed shared why Cocos-BCX chose to embrace the Ethereum ecology and BSC ecology, as well as some sharings on NFT, DeFi, and chain games etc.

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4.3)On February 22nd,Amanda,Cocos-BCX Operation Supervisor, was invited to share an AMA in Cocos-BCX Arabic Group in both English and Arabic,mainly focused on Cocos-BCX 2021 Annual Plan,COCOS token reduction,COW,Bounty,whitelist for NFT Blindbox,Promoter,Five Fortunes and NFT Mining etc.


5.1)On February 8th, after a series of Five Fortunes NFT,Opening Blind box NFT etc. activities,Cocos-BCX participated in the BSC Farmers’ Festival, and it was the initial mining project of the BSC Farmers’ Festival.This initial mining pool of the Cocos-BCX will produce a total of 100,000 COCOS, and continue mining for 30 days.

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5.2)On February 2nd,Cocos-BCX released extra 10,000 whitelist position for a limited time to celebrate the cooperation with Binance Smart Chain BSC.Winning list was started to analyze at 12:00 PM on February 6th(UTC), users with no less than 10 COCOS in the BSC addresses may get one whitelist position.

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5.3)From February 3rd to February 6th at 10:00 A.M.(UTC), Cocos-BCX whitelist users who have not opened the blind box due to the lack of BNB should fill in and submit the form as required. We verified and sent 5,000 BNB to whitelisted users in the order of submitting the form for BNB handling fees.

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5.4)At 12:00 AM on February 7th,2021,(UTC),users who collected all five ‘Five Fortune NFTs’ can share the big prize pool! In the end, a total of 9 people collected all five of Five Fortune NFTs and evenly divided 8000 COCOS, and each person received 888.88 COCOS. Based on the average price of 0.52 USDT on February 7th (the draw day), the outdoor price can reach 462 USDT, and now it can reach 822 UDSDT!

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5.5) At 13:30 on February 8th (UTC), users can also use NFT for mining and participate in the share of the 50,000USDT equivalent COCOS mining pool officially created by Cocos-BCX! And every level of COCOS NFT has different computing power, the higher the computing power(Hash Power) is, the higher the mining efficiency is!

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5.6)As of February 10th, the total number of users participating in Cocos-BCX NFT series of official events has exceeded 230,000 worldwide during the Spring Festival of Cocos-BCX, and the total number of exposures to global events has exceeded 2.2 million.

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07 Online activity

7.1)From February 10th to February 20th, In order to thank you for your continued attention and support to Cocos-BCX in the past, Cocos-BCX will send you Lunar New Year airdrops in the official Telegram groups and Twitter.

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7.2)From February 14th to February 17th, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the official Chinese and English telegram groups of Cocos-BCX and official Twitter held an airdrop event.

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7.3)From February 18th to February 20th, Cocos-BCX official admins posted a “new year good start for work “ poster and collect comment in WeChat Moments activity.

7.4) From February 26th to March 1st, during the Chinese Lantern Festival, we also took the opportunity to prepare an airdrop of 100 whitelists for supporting friends in the community. Qualified users can apply for the airdrop whitelist.

7.5)From February 26th,to thank everyone’s accompany and support,Amanda invites you to join our Weekly COCOS Crossword Games in our official English Telegram Group( ),this crossword game will be held every Friday from 2:00 AM-3:00 AM(UTC).

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08 Media

1)The platform for the next generation of digital game economy 🔥✌️

2)How Cocos-BCX is taking the digital gaming world by storm Video

3)Introduction Video

4)Trading promotion

5)COCOS NFT Trading Article

6)COCOS Sri Lanka Meme Challenge Article

7) Cocos-BCX Introduction Video

Above content is the Cocos-BCX monthly report for February 2021. If you have any comments or suggestions on the content of the monthly report, please feel free to leave a message through the official channels of Cocos-BCX or join our EN TG community ( )and contact Alannah (Telegram ID:alannahgoo) or Amanda (cocos_amd)to give feedback.



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