Cocos-BCX Monthly Report —January 2020


  • Core Technical Progress:

MainNet, TestNet, SDK, DApp, and other technical updates.

  • Important Release:

MainNet account exceeded 30,000 and the MainNet token has been fully supported by Bitpie Wallet.

  • Online Activities:

A total of 9 community activities were conducted in global communities.

  • Media Reports:

Reported 12 articles and 1 newsletter globally

01 Technical Progress

1.1 MainNet Progress

1.1.1 Upgraded Cocos-BCX MainNet to V1.1.0 version.

The main optimization content:

  • Optimized the benefit distribution of the unselected candidates from equal sharing to voting weight related;
  • Optimized the TestNet contract calling relationship, so that users can obtain the contract ID of the caller;
  • Solved the non-configurable problem of the private area of ​​the contract and configured the private area of ​​the contract.

1.2 TestNet Progress

1.2.1 The Cocos-BCX TestNet was updated in the following parts:

  • Optimized the benefit distribution of the unselected candidates from equal sharing to voting weight related;
  • Got the calling contract ID from the called contract;
  • Contract private area size limitation.

1.3 SDK

1.3.1 JS-SDK

  • Adjusted SDK contract call configuration parameters;
  • Added API and DEMO for updating account permissions or funding permissions;
  • Optimized variable scope;
  • Added various types of locked asset data, the number of voting nodes, and the number of contract locks to query account assets;
  • Added owner_votes current account votes to query voting;
  • Adjusted the Node speed measurement method and measured speed;
  • Optimized the problem of switching nodes in the running status overview;
  • Optimization of service option results parsing problem;
  • Adjusted the creation of accounts and creation of contract regular expressions.

1.3.2 Go-SDK

  • Optimized the expiration time of the transfer operation to 20 seconds;
  • Connected with Bitpie Wallet, adjusted the transfer expiration time to 120 minutes.

1.3.3 iOS / Android-SDK

  • Added the function of jumping from a native DApp to a tool;
  • Added wallet jump tool test Demo;
  • Added the parameter type judgment (except string) of SDK calling contract interface.

1.4 DApp

1.4.1) Cocos-Terminal (2.0)

  • Fixed account history tab and NH asset details display issues;
  • Added new account transfer flow, contract flow, and flow details to the account overview;
  • Added getAccountPath public function;
  • Newly created accounts could subscribe to update assets instantly;
  • Removed the xss filter for involving the display of the json-viewer component;
  • Account assets were added with various types of locked asset data, the number of voting nodes, and the number of contract locks;
  • Involving the display of the json-viewer component was removed xss filtering;
  • Automatically detect components when connecting nodes;
  • The native button of the selecting latitude and longitude component was added type = button to prevent the page from refreshing;
  • Completed the Internationalization of the homepage language of node policy;
  • Docked Node data sorting function;
  • Fixed verification problem of node latitude and longitude form;
  • Reloaded data when the account pipeline switches languages.

1.4.2) iOS / Android Wallet Updates

  • Accessed wallet to native DApp jump tool;
  • Added password input prompt;
  • Solved TestNet and MainNet contract mutual calling id problem;
  • Optimized DApp keeping password function;
  • Optimized the prompt for insufficient transaction fee and password modification;
  • Removed the function of registering accounts in wallet mode;
  • Fixed invalid accounts problem and call contracts crash when purchasing heroes.
  • Added visible function when entering password.

1.5 Other Systems Updates

1.5.1) CocosPay

  • Added CocosPay node synchronization function;
  • Optimized multiple page copywriting and style;
  • Optimized the login response for the first installation of CocosPay;
  • Added voting entrance;
  • Added exchange rate display;
  • Added active locking CocosPay function;
  • Added the gas total display and balance display;
  • Added the function of receiving gas;
  • Added transaction history browser jump function.

1.5.2) Cocos-BCX Browser Updates

  • Optimized UI display;
  • Fixed transaction fee display problem;
  • Added the query of transaction records (except transfers and contract transactions);
  • Added the function of total transfers in and out of statistical accounts.

02 Important Release

2.1) 520 hours after launching, Cocos-BCX MainNet account exceeded 30,000.


2.2) The Cocos-BCX mainnet token has been fully supported by Bitpie Wallet.


03 Important Release

3.1) Learn CocosWallet in 5 minutes – A Tutorial for Beginners.


3.2) Cocos-BCX White Hat Reward Case Analysis of Dice Rollback Attack.


04 Online Activities

4.1) On January 10th, Cocos-BCX launched the eighth phase of the of HeyCocos Video retweet airdrop on English communities such as Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram.


4.2) From January 13th to 17th, in order to celebrate that the Cocos-BCX MainNet token has received the full support of Bitpie Wallet, we cooperated with Bitpie Wallet to conduct an activity on Twitter, Facebook and other channels.


4.3) From January 20th to February 1st, Cocos-BCX did Spring Festival celebrations in Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and other English channels.


4.4) On January 21, cofounder of Cocos-BCX, Chen Haozhi was invited to participate in thf Binance AMChinese New Year Special A in their official Chinese telegram group, sharing Cocos-BCX’s 2019 summary and 2020 outlook. The Cocos-BCX official English telegram group broadcast in real time.


05 Media Reports

5.1) COCOS Market Analysis

5.2) Overview of Cocos-BCX Ecosystem

5.3) Learn CocosWallet in 3 minutes – A Tutorial for Beginners

5.4) Crypto Knight Game Live | HeyCoco

6.5) Cocos-BCX Monthly Report



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