Cocos-BCX Monthly Report-January 2021


Core Technology Progress:Completed various preparations for the reduction plan of the total COCOS (units)

COCOS Token reduction plan:At 2:00 AM on January 23 rd,2021(UTC ), COCOS Token reduction plan was officially completed, and all exchanges have resumed trading.

Important Release:Cocos-BCX and Binance Smart Chain BSC have reached a cooperation, and COCOS MainNet Ecologicla Builders&Angels Incentive Plan 3.0, etc.

Open NFT Blind Box,Collect Five Fortunes NFT,Mining:Started airdrop 50,000 whitelist position, online promoter plan, open blind box NFT, etc. activities.

Online Activities:Carried out 6 activities in Chinese and Global communities

Media Report:Reported 7 Articles

1.Technological Progress

1.1) Completed various preparations for the reduction plan of the total COCOS (units) on January 19th, and finally successfully completed the reduction plan of the total COCOS (units) on the evening of the 19th by MainNet reduction working group.During the reduction period, the MainNet BP network was updated separately from the outside, and the update time was less than expected. After the update, the MainNet entered the internal trial operation state;

1.2) Completed the MainNet reduction plan officially until 2:00 am on January 23rd(UTC),after 48 hours of internal operation and access testing, the adaptation of the MainNet’s peripheral tools (such as Terminal, DApp, developer assistant, etc.);

1.3) Added the monitoring function of the use of resources on the chain by this MainNet reduction update, and gave the council the right to manage the rules of resource use on the chain, so as to more reasonably control the use of network resources.

2.COCOS Token (Unit)Reduction Plan

2.1)On January 17th,Cocos-BCX officially announced the reduction plan of total amount of COCOS Token (units). After negotiation and communication with various exchanges, wallets, and DApps, Cocos-BCX will start the COCOS Token reduction plan at 3:00 AM on January 19th, 2021 (UTC ), and is expected to complete the reduction on January 21st. COCOS deposit and withdraw services was temporarily suspended during the execution of the reduction. The total amount of COCOS will be reduced from 100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion) to 100,000,000 (one hundred million). The total amount of COCOS held by users (unit) is also reduced, but the total value corresponding to the total amount of holdings remains unchanged.

2.2)At 2:00 AM on January 23rd,2021(UTC),according to the official news of Cocos-BCX, the contraction of COCOS Token was officially completed and all exchanges have resumed trading. In this reduction, the total amount of COCOS has been reduced from 100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion) to 100,000,000 (one hundred million). The total amount of COCOS held by users is also reduced, but the total value corresponding to the total amount of holdings remains unchanged. In addition, the COCOS ERC20 new token smart contract address on Ethereum is 0xc4c7ea4fab34bd9fb9a5e1b1a98df76e26e6407c, and the contract address of COCOS BEP20 on BSC is: 0xab301dae71f5b386c566f484e636aee60318f12f

2.3)On January 24th, Cocos-BCX officially released a Reduction Tutorial for ERC-20 COCOS hold less than 10,000 users before reduction, the MainNet COCOS mapping tool [] It is open for a limited time for 1 month (January 24th to February 23rd). All ERC20 COCOS users who hold less than 10,000 before the reduction must be mapped and reduced during this time.

3.Important Release

3.1)On January 12th,Cocos-BCX posted 2020 Major events in video and long pictures.

3.2)On January 23rd, Cocos-BCX released the 2021 plan, which mainly involves the three directions of community, Token, and MainNet. The COCOS assets will sail to Ethereum, and gradually start the age of empire.

3.3)On January 28th,the next-generation game digital economy platform Cocos-BCX and Binance Smart Chain BSC jointly announced that the two parties will reach cooperation on blockchain games, NFT and DeFi etc.

3.4)On January 18th, Cocos-BCX Mainnet Ecological Builders&Angels Incentive Program 3.0, increased grade rewards, expanded the types of ecological partners, shortened the contribution incentive cycle, and increased efforts to find builders and contributors willing to join the Cocos-BCX ecosystem,hope that we will work together to build Cocos-BCX.

4.Online Activities

4.1)On January 7th,Cocos-BCX technical contributor Reed shared his knowledge of blockchain games and the subsequent development of NFTs at the 2020 FAT Value Era Summit Forum and Awards Ceremony held by the Planet Daily. Reed believes that after integrating many technologies including Layer2, blockchain games will have a broader space for development.

4.2)From January 19th to January 22nd, in order to thank community users for their support of Cocos-BCX all the way, we launched a prize-winning Q&A activity in the Cocos-BCX official telegram group during the shrinking period. We will randomly select 50 lucky fans participating to share 1000 COCOS (reduced number)!

4.3)From January 20th to January 22nd, the “Peach Blossom Festival, Amanda invites you to drink Starbucks!” on the official Cocos-BCX Weibo.

4.4)From January 20th to January 22nd, the “Amanda invites you to COCOS afternoon high tea party!Please have an expresso” on the official Cocos-BCX Twitter.

4.5)From January 22nd to January 28th, the “Bull Year Airdrop” was conducted on Cocos-BCX’s official Twitter. Cocos-BCX will open 50,000 whitelists position for a limited time and start the “Open NFT blind box, collect five fortunes, and mine” activity! .

4.6)On January 22nd, the “Meme contest, pay attention to the promotion of COCOS, open $100COCOS rewards for a limited time” on Cocos-BCX Sri Lanka Twitter

5.Cocos-BCX “Open NFT Blind Box,Collect Five Fortunes NFT,and Mining”activity

5.1)From January 22nd to January 28th, we opened 50,000 whitelists for a limited time, and gave priority to allowing community users who have been following Cocos-BCX to join the whitelist first. Becoming a whitelisted user can get an opportunity to open a blind NFT box, participate in the sharing of COCOS, collect Five Fortunes NFT, collect Bull Bull NFT, and NFT mining. 140680 people participated in.

5.2)The promoter plan was officially launched at 6 AM on January 25th.(UTC) In order to better promote ecological development and expand the influence of Cocos-BCX, we are now launching the promoter plan for all users. We hope that everyone can participate actively to contribute together for our beloved Cocos-BCX .

5.3)At 6:00 on January 28th,(UTC) whitelist users will get an opportunity to open Five Fortunes NFT or Bull Bull NFT by opening the blind box. COCOS is casted in the NFT and subsequent mining pools can be mined. Five Fortunes Series NFT can be mined and can synthesize a certain amount of COCOS in red envelopes.


6.1)On January 7th, Cocos-BCX participated in the 2020 blockchain FAT list selection activity organized by Planet Daily, and won the “Most Popular Project in the Community” award.

6.2)Jinse | Will the reduction in the total amount of tokens lead to a direct loss of 60 million?

6.3)NFT Games:Cocos-BCX’s 2020

6.4) Reccommended top exchanges to Purchase COCOS

6.5)To celebrate #COCOS#NFT start trade on#DEGO treasureland

6.6)Lisa N Edward COCOS will be next EGLD

6.7)COCOS NFT Year-end Gaming Prize

Above content is the Cocos-BCX monthly report for January 2021. If you have any comments or suggestions on the content of the monthly report, please feel free to leave a message through the official channels of Cocos-BCX or join our TG community ( )and contact Alannah (Telegram ID:alannahgoo)to give feedback.



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