Cocos-BCX Monthly Report — July 2020


01 Technological Progress

1.1) Chain Technology

  • The new version of the MainNet v1.1.5 was compiled and tested;
  • Concurrent reading and writing of files at the bottom of the chain;
  • Block transaction preprocessing supported performance optimization technology research such as CPU multi-core and multi-thread;
  • Modify the account MEMO Key technical research through CLI_Wallet and CLI_Wallet RPC interfaces;
  • Demo development and program document output;
  • JSSDK memory optimization.

1.2) NFT Mall

  • Cooperated with ChinaJoy 2020 Plus NFT online ticket system code development;
  • ChinaJoy 2020 Plus NFT ticket collection test;
  • ChinaJoy 2020 Plus NFT code was deployed and launched.

1.3) Research and test of the GAS record query plan that can be applied for automatic transaction recovery mortgage

  • Confirmed whether the transaction includes automatic GAS claim operation through the number of op operations in the transaction and the number of op operation results;
  • Verified the feasibility of the query plan.

1.4) Python operation and maintenance statistical tool development

  • You can query the number of daily blocks, transactions, and op operations within the specified date range.

1.5) Achieved the configurability of council proposals for the maximum number of votes for the election of board members and witnesses

  • TestNet deployment update (v1.1.8), complete data compatibility test and function test, and output test report;
  • Added an interface to initiate a proposal to modify the maximum number of votes in the election;
  • Increased the command and chain api interface for the configuration query of the maximum number of votes;
  • Realized the function support of python sdk and updated the development and use documents.

1.6) Initially completed the content migration and optimization of existing technical documents

  • Migrated official development documents to readthedocs, optimize document index;
  • Reserved new side chains, operation and maintenance guides, and NFT non-homogeneous asset modules;
  • Added a quick guide for private chain construction;
  • The official website English development documents start the readthedocs migration.

02 Important Release

2.1) Cocos-BCX block height has exceeded 10 million.

03 Ecosystem Related Development

3.1) “Go Block” developed by the MainNet Buidler of Cocos-BCX, DAppbirds is officially launched on Cocos-BCX MainNet.

04 Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels

  • “The Dragon Must Die” continues to iterate multiple sub-versions and fix several online bugs;
  • “The Dragon Must Die” completed 3 rounds of LWT mortgage dividends, with a cumulative dividend of 0.25 million Cocos-BCX Token;
  • “Crypto Knights” completed 3 rounds of LWT mortgage dividends, with a cumulative dividend of 0.38 million Cocos-BCX Token.
  • Docking traditional games and providing chain reform technical services.
  • Provided Cocos-BCX Dapp ecological zone so that users can experience all DApps on the Cocos-BCX chain through the zone;
  • Developed and launched the Cocos-BCX MainNet game “GO Block”;
  • Carried out “GO Block” online celebration activities.
  • Published “Towards the Star Ocean of the Blockchain Tour Industry, Cocos-BCX Set Sail” .
  • Released “Small NFT, Carrying Cocos-BCX’s Big Dream” .

05 Online Activity

5.1) From July 7th to July 13th, in order to meet the individual needs of players, the official domestic community of Cocos-BCX and “Crypto Knights” launched a name change event.

06 Offline Activity

On August 1, Cocos-BCX held the “Cocos-BCX ChinaJoy Friends Club 2020” in Shanghai, which is after the 2018 China Blockchain Technology and Game Developers Conference Cocos Special Session and the 2019 Global Blockchain Game Ecological Conference , See you again in 2020.

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