Cocos-BCX Monthly Report-March 2021


Important Release:The total number of MainNet Accounts of Cocos-BCX reached 1.3 million, the block height of Cocos-BCX exceeded 20 million ,Crypto Knights officially launched on BSC

MainNet Ecological Builders&Angels:Distributed Incentives for first phase (February 2021) of Cocos-BCX MainNet Ecological Builders&Angels Plan 3.0

COCOS NFT Mining: Finished Cocos-BCX NFT Mining 1.0 , planed for Cocos-BCX NFT Mining 2.0

Online Activities:Carried out 11 community activities globally

Media Reports:Reported 5 articles,1 news and 3 videos

01 Important Release

On March 22nd,according to the latest data from the CocosABC blockchain browser, The total number of MainNet Accounts of the next-generation digital game economy platform Cocos-BCX reached 1,300,201, breaking through 1.3 million.

Besides above, as of now, the block height reached 20,378,377, which exceeded 20 million; the volume of block transactions reached 7,223,029, which exceeded 7 million.

On March 25th, “Crypto Knights” officially launched on Binance Smart Chain BSC. “Crypto Knights”,one of the best COCOS blockchain games,As a blockchain gaming experience on combining features of traditional games and blockchain games, ‘Crypto Knights’ also supports the functions of summoning, adventure, idling, cultivating, and token producing etc..

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02 MainNet Ecological Builders&Angels

First Phase of Cocos-BCX MainNet Builders&Angels Incentives Plan 3.0 (For February 2021) contribution reports submission has finished, Cocos-BCX foundation has evaluated all submitted contribution reports and obtained the monthly ranking result. A total of 21 ecological Builders&Angels have submitted valid contribution reports. As a result,total of 9260 Cocos-BCX Tokens in this phase will be issued to ecological Builders&Angels who have submitted valid contribution reports in accordance with their levels.

03 COCOS NFT Mining

At 13:30 on February 8th,2021, (UTC),Cocos-BCX launched one-month COCOS NFT mining activity. By using COCOS NFT mining, users can participate and share the 50,000USDT equivalent COCOS prize pool officially created by Cocos-BCX! Every level of COCOS NFT has different computing power(Hash Power),the higher the computing power is, the higher the mining efficiency is!

At 13:30 PM on March 10th,2021, (UTC) the first time period of COCOS NFT mining was officially end. For users who participated in COCOS NFT mining, you can enter the mining page and click [Extract All]. Except for the COCOS produced, all pledged NFTs was redeemed.

According to Treasureland NFT Market transaction records, the highest transaction price of COCOS NFT with the highest level is 12 BNB, and the transaction hash for this is:

How to purchase COCOS NFT in Treasureland NFT Market Tutorial

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How to sell COCOS NFT in Treasureland NFT Market Tutorial

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04 Online Activities

In March, Cocos-BCX official admins Senior COCO, Junior COCO, COCO, Coke, and Amanda simultaneously launched four airdrop activities with different themes every Tuesday. Users are more than welcome to participate in the activity in accordance with the rules of the activity. Each activity would run for 3 days till every Thursday afternoon. At the end, each admin account will announce winners list for every period.

In March, Amanda published the Weekly Crossword Games in English telegram group on every Friday to facilitate users to get better understanding of Cocos-BCX and create a positive ecological environment for users.

From March 19th -March 31st 2021, “Crypto Knights”, which was one of the most active blockchain games in the Cocos-BCX ecosystem, was also intensively migrating. Now “Crypto Knights” has officially launched on the Binance Smart Chain BSC testnet, we would like to invite every user to participate in this game test and got a triple benefits!

From 1:00PM-2:00PM (UTC) on March 24th, Cocos-BCX was invited to participate in the “When NFT meets DeFi on Binance Smart Chain” theme AMA held by Binance.

05 Media Reports

8BTC:Except ENJIN、FLOW, don’t miss the one below in NFT hotspot list

Odaily:Analysis of Cocos-BCX,missing one in NFT HotSpot List

8BTC:A journey for how a game engine team created blockchain games and NFT in the blockchain industry

CypherHunter:This is the first project launched NFT pizza, and also has provided ChinaJoy with over 1.2 million NFT tickets.

8BTC: COCOS-1808 NFT standard features: it can carry Frostmourne across World of Warcraft and Hearthstone

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Top NFT Projects to Watch in 2021

Cocos-BCX: Blockchain Teknolojisinin Oyun Endüstrisiyle Harmanlanması

Above content is the Cocos-BCX monthly report for March 2021. If you have any comments or suggestions on the content of the monthly report, please feel free to leave a message through the official channels of Cocos-BCX or join our TG community ( )and contact Amanda (Telegram ID:cocos_amd)to give feedback.

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