Cocos-BCX Monthly Report — November 2019


Core Technical Progress: Technical update in SDK, DAPP and chain system

Important Release: this month released the golang SDK and Forum

Ecosystem Development: The third Angels&Buidlers meeting was held this month, and version 1.0 ecosystem map and COCOS bounty report were released

Offline Activities: 3

Media Reports: 9 articles and 5 pieces of news

1.Technical Progress

1.1 Cocos-BCX SDK

1.1.1) JS-SDK:

  • Upgraded the block subscription API;
  • Adjusted the Node SDK;
  • Optimized the Npm package initialization speed;
  • Optimized the governance-related APIs;

1.1.2) Go SDK

  • Updated the charge model and added the COCOS mortgage interface.
  • Added the interface to vote for committee members and witnesses.
  • Completed integrating the new voting;
  • Integrated the updated chain system;
  • Added the method of transferring hex private key to COCOS private key;
  • Output the newly added transaction in UTXO format;
  • Created an account in the private key format of the newly added bip44’s hierarchical path.

1.2 Cocos-BCX DApp



  • Added fund status display;
  • Synchronized the optimized updates in Terminal 1.0;
  • Cleared the contract output when clearing the console;
  • Optimized the running status of the overview;
  • Started gas mortgage operation;
  • Display the menu when the user is not logged in;
  • Fixed the UI problem caused by contract interface and overlong contract form.

In Progress

  • Integrating the updated chain system;
  • UI optimization.

2)iOS/Android Wallet Updates

  • Integrated the updated chain system;
  • Added the voting and gas mortgage module;

3)Integrated the New Chain System Updates

  • Android SDK;
  • iOS SDK;
  • JS SDK;
  • js in SDK link bcx.min;
  • npm package bcx.min;
  • Python SDK;
  • CocosPay;
  • Dice;
  • Unity SDK;
  • Cocos Shooting;
  • Snake;
  • Tyche;
  • Cocos browser.

1.3. Cocos-BCX Systems

1.3.1)Voting System


  • Results of votes shown for the mobile version, and integration of the redeem operation.

In progress

  • Integrating the Cocos-BCX Browser System.

1.3.2)Cocos-BCX Gas Rental System

  • Support query of COCOS mortgaged to other users;
  • Provide mortgage redemption of gas to oneself or others;
  • Support query of the gas balance;
  • Support query and claim of the redeemed gas.

2. Important Release

2.1) On November 13, the golang SDK of Cocos-BCX test network was released and launched, which supports developers to use the golang language to carry out seamless, fast and efficient development operations on the Cocos-BCX chain. Click here.

2.2) On November 26, the Cocos-BCX Community Forum ( initiated and created by Cocos BCX was officially launched! Click here.

3. Ecosystem Development

3.1)On November 19, Cocos-BCX produced and released version 1.0 of Cocos-BCX ecosystem map, which is due in October.

3.2) On November 27, Cocos-BCX released COCOS bounty ecosystem development report. Click here.

4. Online Offline Activities

4.2.1) On Nov. 11, Cocos-BCX had two successful AMA hosted by Binance RU and Binance UA , where our Co-Founder Richard Yang answered many great questions from the community.

Offline Activities

4.2.1) On November 8, Cocos-BCX blockchain game special session was successfully held in Wuzhen, becoming an important role of 2019 world blockchain conference. In the special session, Cocos-BCX extensively invited the pioneers and supporters of the blockchain game industry, and the guests had a wide discussion on the topics of the game cycle, the chain game dilemma, the chain game ecosystem and the future.

4.2.2)On November 9, the second world blockchain conference hosted by 8BTC was successfully held in Wuzhen. Chen Haozhi, the founder of Cocos-BCX, was invited to attend the game panel discussion of the conference held on the morning of November 9, and under the theme of “Killer Game Application, Breaking Rules in a Moment”, interacted and shared with the audience on site.

4.2.3) On November 12, the 2019 Game Daily Connect global game developer conference jointly sponsored by iDream Sky and Nanshan District Culture, Broadcasting and Television and Sports Bureau of Shenzhen opened in Shekou, Shenzhen. Reed Hong, technical director of Cocos-BCX, was invited to attend the meeting and participated in the panel discussion on the theme of blockchain game. The guests included Mike, founder of Krypton Planet, Minoru Yanai, founder of Linker Inc, and Legolas Liu (from Animoca brands).

5. China

5.1.1 ) DC Depth | Where Will DAPP And Blockchain Games Go?

5.1.2) Cocos-BCX Provides Three Random Process Solutions to Reduce the Trust Cost of Players and Make the Game Environment Fairer

5.1.3) Interpretation of Cocos-BCX Android Wallet Source Code (III) Transfer and Audit

5.1.4)Where Does the Blockchain Land — Blockchain Game?

5.1.5) Cocos-BCX Won the Top 100 Annual Influence Columns of Tuoluo Caijing


5.2.1)Diễn đàn Cocos-BCX được phát hành chính thức

5.2.2)게임 개발자를 위한 블록체인 프로젝트 코코스-BCX(Cocos-BCX)

5.2.3)Công ty Blockchain:” Nền tảng của nó sẽ mang đến trò chơi kỹ thuật số “

5.2.4)Что такое криптовалюта Cocos-BCX (COCOS)

Above is Cocos-BCX monthly report in November 2019. For any idea or suggestion, please comment on our official media or give feedback in our community.



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