Cocos-BCX Monthly Report –October 2020


Core Technology Progress:Restored MainNet maintenance.

01 Technological Progress

1.1Chain Technology

  • Accomplished the fast positioning and rollback function of forked nodes;
  • Completed multi-threaded debugging technology verification and merged the main chain interruption update to improve the reinitialization performance;
  • Monitored on-chain resource usage and statistical services;

02 Important Release

1) On October 27th, according to the latest data from the CocosABC blockchain browser, the continuous gaming digital economy platform Cocos-BCX blockchain height exceeded 14 million.

03 Ecosystem Related Development

3.1)On October 18th, the first GameFi game on the Cocos-BCX public chain developed by the River’s lake team, “Ganghood Survival”, was launched on the Cocos-BCX MainNet.

04 Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels

4.1)Ecological Builders &Angels incentive plan

On October 23rd,the third phase of Cocos-BCX MainNet ecological Builders&Angels contribution rating and reward distribution results were announced. A total of 87.7 million Cocos-BCX Tokens was issued to ecological Builders&Angels who have submitted 29 effective contribution reports according to their levels.


  • Researched and announced CrosWallet MainNet wallet
  • Researchbig development of NFT trading function (in progress)


  • Completed CFS listed on hoo, and carried out online activities


  • Imagined the use of Cocos-BCX DeFi

05 AMA Topic activities


5.1)At 20:00 on October 9th(UTC+8),Cocos-BCX global community contributor Alvin was invited by To Do Block and Milin Finance to organize the “2020 Shenzhen Technology Public Chain Forum-Blockchain Public Chain Application Ecological Development under the NFT Wave” thematic discussion.


5.3)On October 4th, 12:00–13:00, (UTC+8)in the official English Telegram community of Cocos-BCX. Alannah, as a global community contributor of Cocos-BCX, had an AMA with COMBO’s overseas community manager Jack, focused on the theme “The first Bullet of Kucoin public chain KuChain ecology: DeFi Map starting from COMBO” to start the discussion.

06 Online activity


6.1) From October 14th to October 16th, the [Series №3] AMA off-site question collection activity was held on the official public account. Users will send questions they care about + personal MainNet account + personal WeChat account to Cocos-BCX official Wechat account.

07 Media

  • Cocos-BCX: Next-Gen Augmented Platform For Game Developers — CocosBCX Sri Lanka Community

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